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    CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk.1 and EMT Kit EK-2350 Improved

    Package sold. thread can be closed.

    Selling the following:
    CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk.1 Tier 3.99 BO +4200
    EMT Kit EK-2350 Improved Tier 1.06 BO +2200

    Open to any reasonable offer.
    If any resellers are interested, will sell both items together for

    That's 1100 ped taken off the buyouts *which I feel are fair market value and easily obtainable for these items given enough patience*

    Reply here or PM on forum.
    Last edited by Anthas; 01-10-2020 at 04:23. Reason: BO lowered

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    Can I Get An A-Bump-Men

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    Golly Gee Mister, those sure are some nice prices there!

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    I assume they are sold?
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