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    Taldurs hunting log

    Hello fellow entropians,
    I have been tracking my hunting efforts for a while now and would like to share my experience in the coming days/weeks/months with all of you.
    Ever since looting the Strong Argo Claw on Christmas Eve 2018, I focussed my efforts ingame to max the weapon, which I was able to do around summer in 2019. I was soon rewarded with almost 10.000 PED worth of shrapnel on a Longtooth, my biggest HoF so far.
    The following months, I mainly focussed on high MU grinding and Codex rewards that improve my looter skills.
    My current goal is unlocking animal looter 60 (54 right now) and stockpiling a couple of M-tokens (just in case there will be a system one day, that is more suiting to my setup then the current one ...)

    My hunting setup consists of:
    • Strong Argo Claw
    • Mod Vice/Adj Vigi
    • Imp Ares

    My hunting stats for July-December 2019 are:

    Cycled: 435,073.98 PED
    TT diff: -17,401.39 PED
    MU: 11,434.36 PED
    TT %: 96.00%
    MU %: 102.63%
    Total: -5,967.03 PED

    (The 10k HoF is NOT included in those statistics, as I didn't find it appropriate to track there)

    I will keep posting updates monthly and after events, trying to shed some light onto returns that are achievable in the game.

    Disclaimer: I don't track small fun hunts, dailies or shared mobs unless I hit something big there.

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    Month  :Total + MU, TT   , MU
    07.2019: -3109 PED, 93.40, 102.19
    08.2019: -1002 PED, 96.35, 102.41
    09.2019: +45   PED, 97.29, 102.78 
    10.2019: -1906 PED, 96.10, 102.29
    11.2019: -225  PED, 96.36, 103.33 
    12.2019: -2274 PED, 94.94, 103.85
    01.2020: +1165 PED, 98.47, 102.20
    02.2020: +1822 PED, 98.90, 102.23
    03.2020: -3447 PED, 96.69, 101.57
    04.2020: -1593 PED, 97.18, 102.40
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    So you are really +4100 but you removed your uber to be negative? Did I understand that correctly?

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    Also should really include that claw loot for in MU
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    Nope, I maxed the claw during that time or shortly after and wanted to hunt with a consistent setup.
    Those balances are after markup as well, TT loss is obviously way more.

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    January was quite good but very swingy at times.
    I had to get x500 and a x1000 on Cat 2 daikiba, a x500 on berycled and a x500 on Marcimex to get to that TT return.
    Markup was a bit low considering all the Mayhem fun because I did a lot of Caperon and Marcimex without getting any shrooms (also: RIP spleen).

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    February stats added, overall profit in hunting if it wasnt for all those mining losses

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    March added, I hope I'll never have to look at that part of my tracking sheet with -3.4k PED after MU.

    I unlocked Scavenging/Scientist on the way though and it can only go up from now on, right?

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    April added. Started well with Mayhem but my trip to Monria cost me around 5000 PED TT in hunting on Shubs and Cultists in two weeks. 13 days at around 90% TT return.
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