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View Poll Results: How many mobs does it take to see 90%+ returns assuming you've got fair gear (65% eff) and looter sk

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  • 100

    4 6.45%
  • 250

    1 1.61%
  • 500

    5 8.06%
  • 1000

    7 11.29%
  • 2500

    6 9.68%
  • 5000

    8 12.90%
  • 10,000

    11 17.74%
  • 25,000

    3 4.84%
  • 50,000+

    17 27.42%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jhereg View Post
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    Damn I answered the wrong question though .

    for 90%+ return, should see within a few thousand mobs (edited).

    I changed it because I think I'm too optimistic...
    Pretty much this. Close to average should happen within a few thousand loot events. Absolute average you need much larger sample so as to include exceptional loot events.

    However, in my experience exceptional loot events are always "coincidentally" immediately followed by awful loot to take it back, so...
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    I voted 100 just because I wish it was that way, I hate when people say "too small a sample size..."
    But just knowing basics about statistics, I know the bigger sample size the better.

    I've heard something that comes to mind about slot machines. Something like knowing the overall percent of successes, then actually the more you pull the worse your odds are. This means that really your first pull is the best odds you have.

    I actually employ this idea in EU sometimes. On higher "risk" mobs like Levi, Proteron, etc I rather kill 10, 20, maybe 50 at most. I figure if I don't get something good in that chunk, then I'm better off stopping then doing another chunk and losing the same amount. So if I get lucky in 20 = great... if I don't then well loss isn't THAT big.
    Others say you got to keep going until you get that multiplier.

    GL on your endevors

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    Nothing less than 2500 and over 17000 kills are required.

    I voted 25k but the more the better. For me kills and turnover are critical factors.

    Followed by bankroll management.

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    The question is... what if u kill 25k mobs per hour and the loot is just not there? What if this whole statement of killing 25k+++ mobs is just simply based on hunting in different times? Than it all does not make any sense.

    Perhaps, whole cycling thing suggestion to get decent return is based on... u play some days when its bad and u play some days when its good. Kills doesnt matter? When loot isnt thhere, it isnt there?

    Anyone willing to kill 500 mobs 10 times per one hour? or 1000? and share the results? Discarding top XX and bot XX loots?
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    There is a world of difference between 98%-95%-90%.

    95% to 90% means accelerated bankruptcy even on low cost mobs, 0.8-2 ped/kill. 95% is barely surviving. 98% you have a certain chance to survive to next deposit (and here is where MU matters).

    For me, 17aug-14oct 2019 meant tt in (all, including def) 98.292 ped, tt out 94.944. 96,5% Max looter lvl32, average eff (65ish) with a guilty trip here and there on lr40fen (L) which I absolutely love.

    I would say an average cost to kill towards 2,5 ped. Maybe 70k events (a disproportionate amount 1 ped or lower).

    On this interval, I had 3 times some 300x and ONE time a 2kx+. Which 2kx accounted for more than 2% of the overall turnover.

    You have a high chance of seeing 90%+ even on few hundreds mobs. You have an extremely high chance of seeing 90%+ on couple of thousands.

    But how will that actually feel in on your pedcard and in your soul can be based on trading decisions with an impact anywhere from +5 to -5%, depending on how disciplined, patient and informed you are.

    I mean to say that, ever since 2.0 came and quite a few years before, as long as you have some decent k of ped on your pedcard, your habits matter more than tt variance and can even matter more than MU itself (although some habits will be related exactly to MU). I would propose a trilateral 3k bankroll-40dps-1,5ped max per kill and multiply from there. Of which you can expect to see one time falling on your face, but multiple times a deposit lasting months.

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