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    Enhancer & Weapon Shop - PA MALL Floor 2 #11

    Enhancer & Weapon Shop - PA MALL Floor 2 #11

    Inventory List:

    ArMatrix LB-10 to LB-75
    ArMatrix SB-10 to SB-75
    ArMatrix LP-10 to LP-105
    ArMatrix LR-10 to LR-105
    ArMatrix L-Amplifier 4B to ArMatrix L-Amplifier 75B
    ArMatrix B-Amplifier 4P to ArMatrix B-Amplifier 75P
    ArMatrix BP-10 to BP-105
    ArMatrix BC-10 to BC-105

    All Gun's and Amp's are (L)

    ArMatrix Extender P20 (L)

    ALL Types and ALL Levels Enhancer
    Mining, Weapon, Medical and Armor ALL what you want on Enhancer's

    Cheaper than Auction (if no pm me)

    Shop Location:
    Port Atlantis MALL Shop Floor 2 #11 [Calypso, 61616, 75173, 118, Waypoint]

    New magic glass table with wonderful pills

    At this Shopkeeper you fill find some different guns with very HIGH Tier Rates! (Higher MU)

    P.S. I am not the owner of the shop, I am responsible for marketing and support.

    If you need bulk order pm me here or ingame for special offers
    Added Discord: Sonic#9330

    Ingame: John Sonichero1 Wick <-- for questions
    Shopowner: Hank mchammer Hammer
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    restocked all
    prices current and under MU

    bump it

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    bump to the top

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    added 2 new shopkeeper

    more stuff

    one full with ArMatrix B-Amplifier

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    Old Alpha fred5283's Avatar
    Apr 2013
    Gender | Ingame
    Male | Male
    Norian Norian Xx
    Guess Who??
    Very nice shop
    Inventory is stocked with highest lvl of BC's and LR's
    Pricing is typically higher than Medusa

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    hey fred thanks for the feedback

    prices have been adjusted
    bump it

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    everything up to date

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    go up

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    added discord for bulk order or special offer

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    New magic glass table with wonderful pills / 10MG

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