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    Looting planet specific BPs

    Let's say I'm hoping to loot one of those Arakadia mining amp blueprints or really any other planet specific BP. I know I'd need to be crafting other attachment BPs (planet specific or not) to get a similar type, but do I need to be on the same planet for that too?

    For example, if I'm crafting Terra 3 amps on Calypso, is there any chance of me looting a Terra 4 BP? If there is, would the chance on Caly be the same if I was crafting any non-Arkadia amp (e.g., a regular level 5 instead)? I always kind of assumed you needed to be on the specific planet to loot planet-specific BPs, but never thought about the crafting planet-specific BPs off-planet angle until now.

    My crafting scope is pretty limited, so I'm sure those who do a whole lot more than me already can confirm roughly how the process works. Thanks.

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    yes, you have to be on the planet you want to loot from... also, yes, loot sucks since you get tons of 'universal' i.e. calypso crap bps regularly on every planet... causing you to get tons and tons of dupes...

    To loot I believe it lets you go up and down 3 levels... so level 1 bp is only looting levels I, II or III at any given time... Level III bp will loot levels I - VI, etc. Although I think there are some rare cases when that rule of thumb is off just a bit when Planet partner tweaks loot pools, etc. (once and only once did I ever loot a level 4 from a level 1)

    Generally you need to craft a LOT to loot any bp... like 1000 or so clicks for a chance to loot (sometimes more sometimes less - pretty random), and then it's about a 70% chance you'll get some generic 'universal' bp instead of planet specific ones...

    auctioneer might be best bet if you have a certain blueprint you really want...

    If you want shit tons of welding wire blueprints try craftting explosive projectiles on any planet.
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