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    wait dont say anhilation is open ?

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    I miss ESI's, be them the old .99 GSI or the new ESIs. Which stopped being such a solid loot because skill trade stopped being a thing. Who needs it when you have skill bonuses raining left and right?

    The argument against them, back then, was "OH BUT WHY SHOULD I PAYY FOR TRANSFER OF SKILLZZZZZ AAH". One could argue that even this change, the inflation of skills, was at the request of community. Many, actually, of the abhoring (in retrospect) changes were so.

    And that's a solid reason (on par with lacking time) of why I don't mentor. I just can't, with due sincerity, tell a newb "deposit 2k$ to get a proper start". I can't, I consider it absurd. "Hunt punies for 10k bones", also... lol..

    But ul items, not so much. I looted precisely ONE piece of jaguar shins and that was all. Size of hofs... dunno... very tricky area. I am fine with 1-3k area.

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