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    Changes to Crafting and "item situation"?

    Anyone who have heard anything lately about these changes to crafting and "item situation"
    where they gonna reduce amount of components, resources and some items?
    Would be great if less items and resources excist and at the same time has a higher demand
    for those that gonna stay.

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    I haven't heard about any recent changes to crafting...
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    The last changes to crafting where:
    - mid 2017 - unofficial/unannounced changes during loot 2.0
    - december 2017 - unofficial/unannounced changes during bonus shrapnell introduction/adjustments
    - march/april 2018 - official crafting 2.0
    - 2018/2019 (can't remember the exact date) - introduction of armatrix & EP recycle & gizmo BPs along with drastically lowered or even removed BP drops of EP & older weapon/attachment BPs

    that's all the changes over the past 5 years i'm aware of.

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    I should have added this one to OP:

    Crafting, Resources and Economy
    MindArk is working on restructuring and streamlining the item situation in Entropia Universe. This involves many changes to the crafting system and loot distribution, with the goal of reducing the number of components, resources and similar items in the universe, to ensure that the majority of items have a place within the economy.

    The balance between looted and crafted items, along with items from other sources such as events, competitions, strongboxes, etc., will be improved to strike a better balance.

    New blueprints will use existing components and resources as much as possible to sustain a thriving and interdependent economy between crafting, mining and hunting.

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