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    Simplified further:


    And btw, I don't think it's fair that you say that 'I don't get it', I do get it, I know it's a game of chance and I've spoken about the law of averages right here in this very blog. I'm just really disappointed at my shitty luck lately, that's all. And if I really didn't get it, then I would have stopped hunting already, but I know that things will likely turn around for me eventually, I just think it's taking too long for that to happen. If things haven't turned around by the time I get to 30k PED turnover (10k mobs) then I might consider stopping.
    Maybe I wasn't fair, and I didn't mean to be rude in any case, so sorry about that.

    Your profit/loss stats doesn't look that bad imho. The game has it's good and bad return periods over the year/monty/week. That's why you need to stop if you hunt 10 hours straight and there's just nothing good coming out of the mobs. Spacing the hunting over the whole year, with fairly equal turnover in all 4 seasons will reduce risk of ruin. But this is something you know already.

    What you haven't accounted for is the fairly low number of kills (10k). I have a record of killing 60k molisk, and let me tell you only two of the many many runs came out >100 % tt. I only do runs of 3k kills and more, and none have gone below 91 % Return (I have one record of a 1k kills run, 86 % Return). I hit a 1000x multi for the first time in December, and this helped my total tt return up by 2 %, so until all those multis are inside a big sample, your average will stay in the lower 90s. After 60k kills I have also gotten 3x nemesis parts, With a total of 250 MU, so those covered the average loss of a 5k kill (5k ped) run. I'm still in the red - as I should be - and I'm happy With that since tt Return has stabilized somewhere in the 95 % range.

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    Dec 2006
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    Creature: Atrox (L17-L29)
    Location: Jurra Plateau
    My Animal Looter level: 22.98
    My Evade level: 22.25
    Rings: Athenic (L) and Aeglic (L)
    Weapon #1 (efficiency): ArMatrix LR-25 (L) + A105 Hyper/LR1+B8/P15 (66.2%)
    Weapon #2 (efficiency): EWE EP-41 Military, Adjusted + A105 Hyper/LR1/B8 - (61%)
    Weapon #3 (efficiency): Isis LBC 25 (L) + Bull Tac30/LR1/B8 - (57.5%)
    Weapons decay (incl. attachments): 257.25 PED (+0.42 markup)
    Armor decay: 11.09 PED (Phantom+5B)
    Total ammo spent: 997 PED (1006.95 Uni Ammo)
    Total spent on hunt (w/mu): 1265.76 PED

    Hunting run duration: ~ 2.5 hours
    Globals/HoFs: 156, 62 and 58
    Items looted: Valentine Shirt (M)
    Items TT value (~markup value): 0.19 (+6)
    Stackables (~mu): 1241.92 PED (+5.50 PED)
    Net returns (w/mu): 1253.61 PED or 99%
    Loot quality, i.e. % shrapnel: 71% of loot tt was shrapnel
    Profit/Cost per hour: -5 PED/hour

    Note: I started out with an A103 on the handgun and once the ArMatrix LR-25 was done I switched to the Isis LBC 25 and put the A105 Hypercharged on the handgun.

    I don't mind results like this. It was nice to get some swirlies, the Primordial Longu really didn't give me any yesterday (only 1 in 11 hours).

    Hunting: No Damage Enhancers on the EP-41.

    Defense: The Atrox take a bit longer to kill due to their higher HP, but 11.09 decay on the armor is still under 1%, so that's fine. No fapping was required, actually I'd say I was over-protected with the Phantom+5B setup and didn't get to take advantage of free health regen, so in a longer hunting run, this might add up to some extra defense costs that aren't truly necessary. If/when I hunt these again I'll try Phantom+5A and see how that goes, might have to step it down to 3A even, we'll see.

    Notable: there seemed to be a loot wave during this hunt, on the Atrox specifically. Seemed like out of every 4 or 5 globals, one of them was on Atrox. I saw a few nice ones on Atrox Old, around 190 PED, and a 240 on a Provider. Mine were Young, Mature and Young again. I also seemed to notice, both yesterday and today that around 18:00 there was bonus shrap more often...? I'm not really sure about this but I'm going to try and pay more attention to it. It could just be due to more PvP activity going on in-game though.

    What I learned: The Atrox loot doesn't seem to have any markup in it, that's disappointing.

    Achievements: level 42 Laser Sniper (hit), level 23 Animal Looter (Hit)

    From now on I will try and figure out a fair markup value for my stackables and add it in there in parenthesis. I feel it's not fair to not provide it when I'm actually putting a lot of that stuff on auction and/or stockpiling in storage to sell later. This should help to arrive at a more accurate Net Return % for the run.
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    Dec 2006
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    Tabulated Results
    Mob AvgEff %Shrap Def% MU-in PED-in Loot-out TT% MU-out Net Amt Net-%
    Berycled 59.5% -- 3% 0.56 508 546 107.5% 5 +43 108.5%
    Foul 59% 57.4% 1% 0 327.50 290 88.5% 1.00 -36.50 88.8%
    Drones 59.5% 77.4% 1% 1.00 623.5 506 81% 1.75 -115 81.5%
    Allo/Esto 65.2% 58.8% 0.9% 10.50 1340 1536 114.6% 12.50 +208 115.5%
    Allo/Esto 64.4% 71.4% 0.9% 5.70 1432 1604 112% 7.32 +179 112.5%
    Allo/Esto 65.1% 68% 0.74% 9.84 1385 1160 83.8% 0 -225 83.8%
    Allo/Esto 65.1% 64% 0.66% 18.84 2738 2624 95.8% 2.70 -111 95.9%
    Feffoid 61.8% 71% 0.5% 5.78 965 1040 107.8% 0 +75.5 107.8%
    Allo/Esto 61.8% 67% 0.9% 12.27 2119 2096 98.9% 3 +20 99%
    Kerberos 61.1% 59% 1.1% 1.63 618 638 103.2% 1.85 +22 103.6%
    Allo/Esto 60.4% 68% 0.9% 8.12 1432 1244 87% 0 -188 87%
    Allo/Esto 61.3% 63% 0.7% 0 1277 1088 85.2% 2.50 -186 85.4%
    Kerberos 59% 65% 0.9% 0.40 748 611 81.7% 6 -131 82.5%
    Kerberos 59% 68% 0.8% 0.35 621 602 97% 3 -16 97.4%
    Kerberos 59.5% 66% 1.4% 0.53 781 623 79.8% 5 -153 80.4%
    (various) 64.2% 69% 0.8% 0.40 614 481 78.3% 2.50 -131 78.7%
    Atrax 60.3% 66% 6.3% 1.73 1437 1347 93.7% 8 -82 94.3%
    PrimLongu 63% 73% 1.3% 26.20 3809 3247 85.2% 54 -508 86.7%
    Atrox 61.5% 71% 0.9% 0.42 1266 1242 98% 11.50 -12 99%

    * some of the numbers in this table have been rounded in order to conserve space.

    ** there's 74 PED of loot markup missing in the table above, which came from the stackables I got from the 5k Allo/Estos I did. This was not tracked for each individual hunt at the time, it was tabulated afterwards, which is why it's missing from the table.


    Hours of hunting: ~93 hours

    Amount of PEDs cycled: 24,041 PEDs
    Spent on markup: 104.27 PEDs

    TT value of loot: 22,525 PEDs
    TT value Returned: 93.69%

    Loot markup: 202 PEDs (128+74)
    Net Returns w/markup: 22,727 PEDs
    Net Returns: -1,314 or 94.53%

    Profit/Cost per hour: -14 PED/hour

    My thoughts: I can see that I ended up getting more markup out of the mobs (about 2 times more) then I actually put into them, which is great because that's what I was hoping to do. I also see that the difference the loot markup is doing is less than 1% on my Net Returns, which tells me that the loot I'm getting from what I'm hunting has very little markup in it. This will likely be my focus going forward; increasing the markup in my loot and thereby reach that coveted 97-98% Net Return.

    Overall though, 94.53% isn't bad, I'm not going to complain about it. In addition to the Returns stated above, I also got 19.79 PED of Athletics (5k Allo/Esto) and 1.56 PED of Evade (500 Atrox). I have actually learned a lot during these 93 hours of hunting and I plan on writing a seperate post in the near future to share some of these insights.
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