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    Quote Originally Posted by Larry View Post
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    Just noticed this video come out about Entropia as well:

    Many more subscribers on this one.

    Is good that the word is getting out there.
    Much better video by a much better Youtuber who's niche is economy topics. Hence much better results. If you will notice the topic/title of all his videos is on Economy so talking about Entropia's Economy fits within the parameters to get views on a larger channel. This video should easily get over 100K views.

    At least he was also up front about the Casino and explaining the economics. Even right down to the final thought, Entropia is far from it's peak with a dwindling player base. Probably the best objective video on Entropia out there explaining the Good and the Bad.

    Edit- Someone in rookie chat saw this video and is trying the game. So that is a great thing and more like this needs to happen.
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    tbh i've always been a supporter of fresh players, streaming and/or sharing their experience to the greater masses, or also us old EU farts who watch EU streams for the giggles.

    some people mentioned retention rate before. i can only agree to further debate that issue, as i've really lost many many friends since i came here, and i guess i'm not alone on that.

    sure, 5$ came back recently, for more numbercrunching cucumbers. but does that really count? no it doesn't. generally said: people tend to neither understand nor listen. tldr!

    what i mean is following ... if mindark doesn't also change their amongst longterm players well know business habits, i see very low chances that this new wave of EU residents won't end on the same dumpster one-way-road of disappointment, like the (estimated) 0.5M accounts before in EU history...

    (note: with accounts i meant real persons playing EU)
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