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    Quote Originally Posted by slither View Post
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    This is currently 'raise the price of sweat' thread #1322
    It doesn't have to be that, as I said I am open to an entire new system that is comparable to when it was great. Perhaps a new resource that can be utilized into an storyline that is required to fight bot invasions. There are many ways to go about it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Geo View Post
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    It is a lot easier to free to play now than it ever has been as far as I can remember.
    Define easier? Yes the game is easier in the aspect of some new missions, heck Monria has come a very long way since I started. They have daily's now and things to do there and other planets improved.

    We aren't talking easier though from mission implementation, we are talking about the resources used to generate PEDs for new players. The actual FREE to play Economy. Like I said now it's nearly impossible to sweat and fruit walk and achieve any decent amount of PED flow to buy items, hunt or even some Deeds like I have just a few years ago. It was that stable system where if you put in time you got a reward and it made sense that this is a game that I could deposit and invest in. A good FREE to play model like we had increases the chance for more future depositors. It also provides activities to do that isn't a direct PED drain. (something vitally important)

    I said that I believe sweat and fruit has run it's coarse unless they totally revamp Pets raising fruit prices back to 16+ ped for 1k. So we should add a new FREE to play resource and system that can go along with an MMO story to bring interest to the game and more depositors.
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    I played PE/EU many years... all back to 2004 when i played first 1-2 years without a deposit.

    You have to look back and compare the competition in games there was... That field of competition have since then tripled many times. Today there is loads of free-to-play MMO's that gives you real gameplay for free.

    Entropia Universe really lacks progress. its the same heavy grinding gameplay it was 15 years ago. there is very little to manage under combat, the animations are very basic and few. the quality of the terrain / area's go from pretty good to absolute lazy.

    To me it seems like a fairly loyal playerbase keeps this game going. EU suffers very hard to hardcore competition out around. especially since many games now even offers lootboxes through gameplay that can reward you with stuff you can sell off through marketplaces on steam or similiar platforms for real money...

    This game needs a major overhaul to be top relevant again. I'll be back once they do

    This comes from someone played this for a decade and withdraw around 10.000 $ in the end (also many deposits through time) i was lucky to play in the time when equipment really increased in prices, so 1000-2000$ of it was profit from that. Otherwise i likely spent & lost as much as i withdraw of the rest 8000

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