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    How to find someone link ?

    Last week a friend of mine was looking for someone link pretty emergency . He have sold some auds to order by mistake .

    Here is easy way to find anyone link in EU .

    1.Open message center
    2.Go in Create new message > Mail
    3.Press + and type the name then you will have the link

    I am sure alot people know that already but some folks don't

    Enjoy your time in EU , cya

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    Bump..someobe help this guy Niklas that is looking for Viktoria. I am on telephone and cant log in eu next couple hours

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    in case someone doesn't know, there's also another nice function:

    ingame, press enter to write (or your key), and use the /w command (whisper)

    /w [PartOfPlayerName][tab]

    use the tab-key to autocomplete names or get a selection window - tho this doesn't really work for very common names
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