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    Bugged Hit Rate if you Don't Relog from Monria or Space?

    So maybe I just never did this before and this is a well known observed behavior, so it is only now that I realized it. Maybe after landing from space coming from any planet you should relog before mining! Well I was coming home to RT from my monria daily's and went to my normal mining run on RT. The hit rate was abysmal, I mean NRF central and most importantly no Alt rock. After my first 2 spots got me an 11% hit rate on planet. I said enough, I relogged!

    I then finished my run and hit rate jumped up to where it was supposed to be and further more Alt started appearing.

    So I said screw it let me test something, let me mine again the area that gave me NRF's and see if the relog fixed it and well holy crap!! I got a 40% hit rate in an area I just mined

    The Alt and claims that were supposed to be there now were. So this was little lesson to my PED card but I learned something. Always relog!! Also I am really glad that I decided to test the area I had NRF'd at. Knowing is half the battle.

    Has it always been like this? Did somehow not relogging give me a monria indoor hit rate? Did not relogging from Monria somehow bug me from getting my normal RT claims and Alt?

    Guess I have more questions than answers but I will always relog every time now. No matter what!


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