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    Adjusted Nemesis & Adjusted Vigilante F, full sets!

    Nemesis SOLD

    Adj Vigilante F.
    With 6A it's very good against Trooper, Droka, Drone.
    With 5B good vs atrox, plongu and a plethora of other mobs.

    Also: Full set gives + 20 % Dodge and reduced Critical damage bonus.

    Can be upgraded to Modified Vigi which has a 25 % Dodge/reduced crit hit bonus.


    Was: +1150. NEW BO: +990
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    These are going away quickly. grab Your super bot armor Adjusted Vigilante With 20 % Dodge buff and 20 % less crit damage buff before it's too late!
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    Still for sale.

    I'm testing the adj vigi against Cyrene mobs. The armor is Perfect against:

    swamp lurkers (9 dmg at most vs ravenous)
    living vortex (no dmg from gale/breeze, NeXT to nothing vs strong)
    drill bots (all maturities)
    puny/weak mang chang and rhino beetle
    zeladoth beta

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    Seiling. Consodering adj mayhem hedoc as part of trade

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    still for sale. one Lucky customer may get it!

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