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    Ready To Make Your Stand? Selling Epic PvP Items!

    Highest Tier Tango Ingame A.K.A. "Moby Dick"
    Ready to stand up to the big dogs in PvP and give them a taste of their own medicine? Famed for it's devastating damage over remarkable range, the Marber Tango is to date one of the most formidable sniping weapons in PvP. Delivering an astounding 457.5 max damage per shot on full bore, this rifle can drop 99% of the player base in a single shot. Whether you're making a preemptive strike at an incoming PKer to save your ores, closing the rig from afar, providing sniper support at a land grab, or hunting down a loot-laden miner in PvP4, this rifle is a game changer. Make this rifle yours and become the steady handed player-killer you've always wanted to be.


    DetPil VREX 2000 SGA Edition A.K.A. "Farragut's Fury"
    Don't quite have the steady hand for the Tango? Getting screwed by lag in those close encounters with the Swine? Or do you keep running into PKers who are objectively better at aiming than you? All hope is not yet lost! Not only does this rocket launcher dish out a 406 max damage can of whoop-ass in a single shot, but you don't even have to hit your target! Even better, the bright light, raging shrapnel, and cloud of dust temporarily blinds your opponent, turning the tables and giving you the upper hand. When in doubt, just blow his ass up!


    Highest Tier Swine Deluxe Ingame A.K.A. "Pumbaa"
    Is your opponent wearing high Burn protection armor? Get the drop on them by dropping Pumbaa on his ass and the tables turn around real quick! Also popularized for "condition hunting" in which the goal is to maximize TT input per mob in hopes of striking big on a large multiplier, the Omegaton ASG-2 Swine Deluxe is one of the absolute lowest damage/PEC output weapons available ingame. Boasting a whopping 281 max damage (amped with a Mayhem Delta) at 41 shots/minute, and making a loud "chug" sound as it guzzles nearly a full PED in a single shot "swine" is the appropriate term for this despicable weapon, virtually shooting out dollar bills in lieu of bullets. Get your game changer today!


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    With enhancers enhancing amp damage output, these weapons have considerably increased in lethality. That being said I will hold off on screenshots until I am confident the change is permanent.

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