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    Apr 2013
    Aurisk Morey Kenbi

    Reshaping how EU Invests -

    Entropia Invest Presents...
    Share Trades, Deposit, Dividend and Withdrawals

    Join Our Discord!

    *We are currently the largest fund in Entropia ( based on market capitalization ) worth over 2.7 Million PEDs.

    1. Assets Under the fund

    • Twin Peaks Bank
    • Medusa's Head - Naga Island
    • Medusa's Head - Enyo Island
    • Medusa's Head - Ayida Island
    • Medusa Bazaar
      1. Floor 1 Shop 5
      2. Floor 1 Shop 6
      3. Floor 2 Shop 1
      4. Floor 2 Shop 2
      5. Floor 2 Shop 3
      6. Floor 2 Shop 5
      7. Floor 2 Shop 6
      8. Floor 3 Shop 3
      9. Floor 3 Shop 4
      10. Floor 3 Shop 5
      11. Floor 4 Shop 1
      12. Floor 4 Shop 2
      13. Floor 4 Shop 3
      14. Floor 4 Shop 4
      15. Floor 4 Shop 5
      16. Floor 4 Shop 6
      17. 3 x Medusa Apartments

    2. Past ROI, current amount of shares, distribution of current shares

    Average payout per share so far: 7.625 pec / Month
    Total number of shares: 292,000
    Since September 2019, we have paid out: 126347.65 PED from the website.

    ROI at 9 PED / share = 10.17% per year
    ROI at 10 PED / share = 9.15% per year

    Share Distribution on Sept 1st, 2019
    1. Roman Shoo Shumberg - 6000
    2. Amber Blastie Knightley - 1000
    3. frolic fric dogfood - 2000
    4. Aurisk Morey Kenbi - 35000
    5. Divinity Deth Undefined - 171000
    6. Sylia Nimlas - 2000
    7. Insano Extreme Destro - 4000
    8 Chiel Rampsy Tondeleir - 12000
    9. Rocky Addz Harley - 18000
    10. Darren Ideas Smith - 18000
    11. The Black Red - 3000
    12. Simon Snoopy Jade - 2000
    13. Moraine Lynn Troskald - 5000
    14. Alex Lan Mojave - 1000
    15. John Grasshopper Smith - 1000
    16. Andova Andie the Wise - 1000
    17. Buzz Erik Lightyear - 10000

    3. Features of allows us to track and conduct mass payouts of dividends and withdrawals with ease.

    Deposit to Website:

    For Deposits Under 10k PED : Purchase at Medusa Bazaar Floor 3 Shop 5. There will be small items (single force nexus, dung, etc) priced much over MU. Purchase those and your PED will be deposited to website to the account with your avatar name. A small deposit fee would apply at time of deposit
    For Deposit Over 10k PED : Contact Divinity Deth Undefined or Aurisk Morey Kenbi and we can do a direct deposit for you.

    Buy Shares:

    Navigate to the "Buy Shares" Tab, and you can see other people's listings of shares for sale. Select the amount you wish to buy from that stack, and purchase. Shares will be immediately added to your account.

    Sell Shares:

    Navigate to the "Sell Shares" Tab, and you can list the amount of shares you want to sell along with the sale price for each. Every listing will have a 0.5% listing fee and will be active for 30 days. You can cancel your listing at anytime, and any unsold shares will be returned to you.

    Withdraw PEDs:

    Click the "Withdraw" Tab, and select the amount of PED you wish to withdraw, and a time ingame when you meet the agent (Make sure to fill Day, Hour, Min, and PM/AM). All time is in UTC. Be ingame at Calypso during that time and a Withdrawal Agent will meet you to conduct your withdraw. There is a 1% fee for withdrawals and a minimum withdrawal amount of 10 PED.

    For Withdrawals over 5k PED, you may contact Divinity Deth Undefined or Aurisk Morey Kenbi for a direct withdraw.

    Withdrawal Agents:

    Withdrawal Agents (WA) are hand selected by Us, WA can earn the 1% withdraw fee for paying out of pocket. Divinity or Morey will be online once a week to payback all PEDs payout by Withdrawal Agents.

    4. Our future goals
    We plan on adding products along side shares which may be purchased. Future events can have redeemable points add directly as PED to your entropiainvest account.

    Also we plan to add features to facilitate trade and give more market trends as far as both ROI and sales are concerned. We intend to add features to the website as we grow.

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    Apr 2013
    Aurisk Morey Kenbi
    EntropiaInvest Charter - Last Updated: Nov 5th 2019

    1. As had been proposed earlier, the Fund Director Position ( currently position occupied by Divinity Deth Undefined) should not be a permanent position. As such I propose an 80% voting for Change of Fund Director should trigger the change. While this motion is put to vote, an individual needs to be assigned for it as a replacement. Once the no confidence motion passes the Fund Director will relinquish not only his rights to managing the fund but also will relinquish the deeds along-with. 30 days will be given for people to vote for the No confidence motion. (Needs to be developed)

    2. Team of 5 members ( top 5 share holders) will form the Board of Directors for approval. If this committee approves with 80% or more votes any resolution bought to the table by the Fund Director, then the resolution can be passed without any mass voting necessity. ( Currently Enforceable)

    3. Making a proposal ( for anyone other then the Fund Director and it requires the individual to have at least 5% stake in the fund) will require a voting power of 60% to pass a proposal. In case the proposal is made by the Fund Director he/she requires a 50% opposition votes to be filled for the proposal to not be passed. These proposals will majorly pertain to creation of shares for purchase of assets, sale of assets, expansion of the fund etc. The time period can vary from 7 days to a month for such proposals. ( Needs to be developed)

    4. If a proposal needs to be made to amend the constitution of the fund, a proposal needs backing by 70% of the fund irrespective of his status in the fund. A time period of 30 days will be allotted for the same. (Needs to be developed)

    5. Assuming the proposal to add shares has been passed. A few things need to be ascertained.

    a. Allocation of Shares :
    1. Either we go for the option where the person paying the highest gets the shares ( bidding or reverse bidding)
    2. We award it to those who have the suitable %'s of ownership. So highest current owners would get highest preference and the price would then be fixed at 5% below market value. Would make people want to hold on to shares for longer.
    b. Who handles the process : The Fund Director ideally should handle of it.

    6. Etiquette of the investors/members be it on Discord or any other platform will be of respect towards each other. Any member found to be not in compliance of the same ( as per said Fund Director) can be removed/banned from the usage of the resource. His/Her shares shall however remain with him and he is free to use the website as per his/her convenience.

    7. Each share will give the person to exercise a vote. So the person with higher shares will have more weightage in deciding the future course of the fund.

    8. Responsibilities of the Fund Director

    a. He is responsible for handling the assets (deeds) for the Fund. All assets of the fund will be with him at all times unless he deputes the work to others.
    b. The dividend calculations as well as performance of the fund and distribution of dividends will like within his purview of jurisdiction and he will be responsible for the aforesaid activities. He may or may not take the help of others in performing the tasks.
    c. In cases of disputes between individuals, it is his responsibility to intermediate and resolve the issue. All decisions made by the Director will be considered final.
    d. He formulates a team which takes care of the fund.

    9. Up to 5% of gross income can be taken by the Fund Director for the operation of the fund. He can choose to distribute it as he/she pleases.

    Added on Nov 5th 2019

    10. The Fund Director can, at the inclusion of assets into the fund charge an acquisition fee upto 15% of the asset value up to a maximum of 25,000 peds whichever is lower.

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    just remember
    loan services offered outside this official bank system cannot be guaranteed by MindArk. If an item is exchanged between avatars, this transaction will be logged as a regular TRADE. And as all trades are final, MindArk will not investigate claims if a loan giving avatar refuses to return items or money.Many people do not fully understand the true value of their virtual items until they are lost. They will then contact MindArk PE AB for assistance and will realize that we cannot help them; this can cause a lot of unnecessary grief and frustration.

    We do not wish to discourage entrepreneurship within Entropia Universe, but based on experiences from community feedback and support case history, unfortunately not all entrepreneurs offering loaning services are trustworthy members of the Entropia Universe and therefore we need to be strict in our policies in order to protect the community from scams and cheating.

    Therefore, any loan services offered outside the approved bank system will be considered by MindArk as scam attempts and the avatar offering such services risk a permanent lockdown of his/her account.
    Although no scam has happened with this fund yet, at least that I'm aware of, potential is definitely there just as happened with some similar type funds in the past... lending peds to other avatars is by definition a 'loan service.'

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    Apr 2013
    Aurisk Morey Kenbi
    Quote Originally Posted by mastermesh View Post
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    just remember

    Although no scam has happened with this fund yet, at least that I'm aware of, potential is definitely there just as happened with some similar type funds in the past... lending peds to other avatars is by definition a 'loan service.'

    R&R Fund
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    This is not a loan service.

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