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    Selling Perfected Hedoc

    WANNA BECOME A GOD IN THE GAME? than buy my Perfected Hedoc. With this fap u instantly become unkillable. With good reload and tier 3 u can just stand and take all possible hits and just fap it makes u godlike in pvp also is extremly fun in landgrabs makes ur enemys just uncapable of killing u. On events like mayhem survival and defence its and absolute must have to win. Opening bid is 57k and buyout is 62k. PM me here for the offers. With the real DPS seeker due to high reload it allows u to switch back to ur gun very fast and continue deeling even higher dps with it. Pay attention fully buffed and with 15 % reload from items u get 57 reload per minute that is just jaw dropping its faster than some weapons and this fap heals up to 200 HP so just imagine that speed and so sick heals
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    Bump for this beast of a fap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Make modfap users feel inadequate

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hijacker27 View Post
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    Make modfap users feel inadequate
    Thats right man

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    fapping heaven tool

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    bump bump bump bump

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    bump bump bump bump

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    increase ur dps with higher realod and higher heals wich allows u to implict even more dmg

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    PVP GOD bump bump bump

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    Dose anyone know the Heal/PEC?
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