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    Either Bulk or Individual (Google doc)

    Please check out my google doc.

    I have grouped some items to be sold in bulk. Please also send me offers!

    I have prices for the following groups:
    Items Group 1: 150%
    Items Group 2: 103%
    Items Group 8: 110%
    Items Group 9: 102%

    Since I have so many items, there might be some stuff on there that's not for sale.
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    What's stopping people from buying this stuff?

    Feedback would be nice.

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    just browsing it, I don't see a lot with much value or demand. Hides are a niche market - I don't think anyone wants Daikiba hides for example. I see some Tier 1 comps that might have demand/MU, and not much seems at a quantity where someone would take the effort to buy from you via this forum - they would buy from auction or from a trader, etc.
    If you are trying to sell at super low prices it might go, otherwise I'd consider what things you just want to give to the trade terminal if you are looking to free peds.

    Crafting has died a lot due to crafting explosive projectiles - foul bone/molisk tooth used to have MU, been pretty dead for years now.

    GOOd luck, hope that helps!

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    Awesome! Every little bit would help. . .just need people to either slowly buy these up or buy them up in bulk.

    Maybe I'll find time to group up the hides stuff, ores, energy, etc and just sell them in bulk if that helps.

    Thanks for the input.

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    Lets try to sell more of this stuff.

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    bump this up

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    Bump this again

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