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Thread: Hunting gear

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    Hunting gear

    Sentinel with 2 parts being SGA t2.9 and one t3.9 - +30k sold
    Deathbringer crown - +14k sold
    Modified resto chip - +65k sold
    Summer Ring 2018 - +15k sold
    Arson chip TEN t7.04 - +7.3k sold

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    I have a more reasonable offer to give you on the mk6 club. TT+6K
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    All female parts I assume?
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    All female parts I assume?
    yes all parts are female and thigh and foot guards i think are SGA

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    summer ring 18 sold and arson chip and mod resto recived acceptable bids / bo and is pending atm.. feel free to bid on the rest of the items and i saw the 6k bid and atm thats not the highest bid just so you know.. have a nice day everyone

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