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    Quote Originally Posted by Darclash View Post
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    Did Arkadia ever make it right with the items never awarded to winners? It was a goldrush years ago, players never got any rewards from MA. If that's the case, I can see why noone is buying the rest. I can also see that's why they made them untradeable. Was to force everyone in buying the rest because it was apparent they were not going to sell well.
    Yes, we got our prizes and got 40 AMD for our troubles. I also got a GR3 and RR3 as well.

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    Y'all are just vultures. All of you who keep yelling at them didn't buy any deeds for investment, but solely for speculation hoping to flip them around as fast as possible.

    That said, I always found it strange that not even the concerned planet partner has access to the sales figures of their product and has to beg MindArk every time, seemingly receiving no answer for month after month. What is so damn hard about publishing a single number? It isn't even remotely plausible that this is what's really going on under the hood. Transparency anyone? If MA ever wants to prove their detractors wrong, nonsense like this has to stop.
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    San... We win a competition and we got different reward than MD say, then we need years to can sell that reward, is not easy for all depo in game, some people just win ped playing hard, and then we all vulture for reclaim profit from competition win? Hahahaha man...

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    Change the song i'm an albatraoz for i'm a vulture xDD

    i'm a vulture la la la in a big bang house!!!! xDDDD
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