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    EWE LC-625 Gleamer tier 8.99


    Selling EWE LC-625 Gleamer tier 8.99.

    This is a Cat 9 gun and should be very competitive in that cat with good buffs and smart usage, especially if you make it tier 9. With this gun and it's 104.5 meter range most Mayhem mobs either die before they reach you or shortly after. With this gun you never have to move 1m the entire competition (Annihilation) and transition between mobs is instant, and the range is an advantage in Assault/Defense. The base 46 reload (actual 46.32) means less damage enhancer use. It's a nice general hunting weapon as well.

    (tir 10 is 39, tough but doable; tir 9 was 53)

    Taking offers.

    Peds or mostly peds only.

    Keep in mind tiering this gun from tier 0 to 8 with current markups costs over 22k peds (and a lot of time collecting materials).

    PM me here on PCF. Please do not make offers in this thread.
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