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    Rx OpTac x2 and x1 - pieces

    Selling or trade. As trade i am interested in fap 2600 mod and some guns.
    [RX OpTac x1 Harness (F)] Tier 3.59
    [RX OpTac x2 Harness (F)] Tier 1.99
    [RX OpTac x1 Thigh Guards (F)] Tier .99
    [RX OpTac x2 Thigh Guards (F)]
    [RX OpTac x1 Helmet (F)] Tier 1.99
    [RX OpTac x1 Shin Guards (F)] Tier 2.73
    [RX OpTac x2 Arm Guards (F)] Tier 2.04
    [RX OpTac x2 Gloves (F)] Tier 1.99

    PM here or ingame.

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