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    MM male set 4 x 3.99 parts , x2 2.99 parts + 2.15 gloves - TT + 19.000 ped

    Halloween Ring 2019 : SB:15.5 / BO 17.5k

    LR-40 Fen Edition Tier 2.99 24,500 ped

    5B Adj plates set x 7 TT+3400 ped

    Ares perfected 6100 ped

    Omegaton A105 Improved TT +1200 ped

    Restoration Chip, Adjusted TT + 4000

    I moved lr-40 Fen and Halloween Ring 2019 to AH !

    ING: Prototype Hunter Legendary
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    5.1 - Auction Competition
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    3.10 - Bumping of Threads
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