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    Selling crhistmas rings 2018 and 2019

    Wanna become extreme lifestealer ???? with these Christmas ring 2018 and Christmas 2019 u get 7 % lifesteal plus an mayhem amp on that u get 9 %. In case u have mod resto or LS coat u are maxed on lifesteal )) wich is very very very sick on range i must say. If u are melee than u dont even have to use the lifesteal matrix amps so u even save tons of MU With just 9 % lifesteal i heal like over 60 heal on crits its just amazing. Not to mention for true grinders this is a real paradise. I promise to whoever buys it he will not be playing the same game anymore. Standing in the middle of cp dome completly naked totaly crazy shit I sold my angel i had no use of it now i kill feffox stalkers in mod viceroy and even some warlocks it makes u play completley different game u feel like superman

    Opening Bid 50k for both rings BO is 55k.

    Pm me here for interest
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    lifesteal like an animal

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    best combo if u ask me

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    Are you only selling ring combo, or perfected fap; and keep the other you don't sell?
    And are you willing to sell a ring by it's self?
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    It is an amazing set.
    Good luck with your sale

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    I will sell both fap and rings. yes i can sell one ring at the time if u want

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    thx sarven the picture explains it well

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    the dream heaven rings

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    Lifesteal to The max

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    Life life steal

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