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    BUMP, one complete set of Apoca in auction the Aegis i had in auction has been sold so i will add another today.

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    Take one of this beauty armor!! Apoca have close to same prots as Angel and look better.

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    These sets will gone forever soon, be fast and take yours

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    Yes Angel! and the best part is that the armor wont be possible to get soon since the bps will runout soon and they are not longer dropping
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    To the sky, i will not able to craft some aegis till next month... still 2 Aegis in Stock and 2 Apoca 1 in Caly auction and one with me in ark.

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    Bump if you take 2 or more apocalypse i can do a discount, F sets on them can be crafted but they have some special... feauture for now lol

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