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    May 2012
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    Nemesis Armour - best mobs to hunt?

    Good morning folks,

    Having recently acquired my first set of Nemesis Adjusted armour (7pcs set + 6A Plates) I want to get your thoughts on the best mobs to hunt.

    From my brief research, I've been looking mostly into Drones/Warriors etc...but I'm interested to hear (particularly from those who either own or have owned this armour) the thoughts of the community as to which mobs you prefer and which the armour defends against most efficiently.

    Very much looking forward to taking her out for a spin this weekend!

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


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    Generally, with your nemesis set and simple healing equipment you can easily hunt all Stab/Cut/Impact mobs up to Level 20, up to Level 30 with some standard healing equipment, and up to mob level 40 with a better healing equipment like adj. Restoration chip + medium FAP.

    For convenient hunting above mob level 40 i'd suggest you to have a fap like Modified 2600 and a restoration chip, maybe a Divine chip and a fitting set of plates.

    it is a very good idea to have 4 unlimited sets of plates to boost your armor for specific use:
    5B plates boost Stab/Cut/Impact (most animal mobs on Calypso)
    5D plates boost Cold and a little Acid (often Amethera based mobs and other strange mobs)
    6A plates boost Penetration/Burn (mainly Robots and PvP)
    6B plates boost Electric (electric mobs)
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    i have 4 sets of armor now. adj nemesis was my favorite for the longest time until i achieved mod viceroy and sold it. then i discovered i still needed it. so i was mad. again. so i decided i need adj nemesis and tried to build it again. but when a set came along completed and with better tiers for cheaper i bought it. and i was mad. again. so i sold my extra 6 peices of adj nemesis. but tbh, i love the set so much still i tier hof 5 for the harness.

    as for hunting i used to use it on the atrox but now the ideal mob for me is droka. i use it to mount the 6a plates as mod vic mounts my 5b. it's also good for trooper, drone attacker and harbingers almost ok for warriors and legionnaires. small ones of course. for the big stuff i got L mix.

    adj nemesis is the best medium level, all around and affordable armor in the game, imo.

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