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    Angel SGA (F), Mod melee trauma 8, pets and more


    1. Want to sell extreamly rare set of Angel SGA edition tier 2-4 (harness simple angel) 15k ped total
    2. Modified melee trauma 8 also in game only 3pcs and price 17k ped
    3. Full set of gremlin (F) +250ped
    4. Full set of Adj pixie (F) +70ped
    5. [S0ph13 Pet] autoloot 32m around Price 2500ped
    6. [Oratan Miner Pet] +20% skills pet and tamming lvl23 reay to unlock buff price 750ped
    7. Selling all my skills with your or mine ESI. Just message me you looking for skills and we may deal cos some skills allready sold.

    To contact me in game as name: Stella Bella Mella

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