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    Feb 2011
    Salt Lake City, USA
    Rachel MsPudding Hawkins

    Lootius Mayhem: Episode One

    Disclaimer: Lootius Mayhem is in no way connected to any seasonal Mayhem's promoted by MindArk PE AB®. No prizes in this event are randomly distributed, no winners are randomly selected, all event rewards are tied directly to MindArk's in game global system. EULA 2.1 Compliance and Section 8.14 of the EULA have been strictly adhered to

    Days Completed: 33
    Days Left: 2
    Total Globals: 5925
    Average Globals Per Day: 178
    Current Prize Pool Value: 56,000 PED

    *Current Estimate For End Prize Pool:
    56,000 - 62,000 PED

    *this estimate is based on speculation from global data collected so far and holding similar trends through the event. You should only trust the Total Globals Number & the growth tables provided to calculate actual pot size. But it sure is fun to think about handing out some MASSIVE prizes to you guys!

    Prize Pool Growth Tables

    Learn The Rules to Lootius Mayhem in 6 Minutes

    Watch This Video on YouTube
    Click Here!

    It is with great pleasure that I announce Episode One of my new event platform, Lootius Mayhem, hosted at my new website: The website automates everything for you! It keeps track of your globals, character class, rank, HSL bonuses, displaying everything beautifully

    35 days

    Start & End Times
    Event Start UTC TIME: June 1st, 00:00:00 -> Eastern Time: May 31st, 8:00:00
    Event End UTC TIME: July 5th, 23:59:59 -> Eastern Time: July 5th, 7:59:59

    Rules & Overview
    Lootius Mayhem is an epic 35-day tournament with a guarantee'd starting prize pool of 40,000 PED! The prize pool grows larger as the event goes on. I'll be adding 10% to the pool (4k PED increments) as we reach new global totals. Prizes are awarded to the top 15 ranked participants

    Basic Idea: Hunt 3 different Mobs to earn a Placement Score, your score determines your rank, and your rank determines your prize. There's a Leaderboard that auto-updates every 2-3 minutes. The goal during the first 4 weeks should be to raise your score as high as possible, because the biggest prizes are near the top. The last week of the event you’ll be deploying your own strategy to raise or lower your score, and go after that prize you want most!

    *If you haven’t watched the 6 minute video up above yet, I suggest you start there. There are several event mechanics you’ll want to familiarize yourself with by reading below. The leaderboard refreshes every 2-3 minutes. Everyone's scores are public*

    Character Class: You will choose from one of 3 unique character classes, and hunt 3 different Core Mobs on 3 different Land Areas, a Core Mob is an Atrox, Neconu or Scipulor. Choose a Character Class by getting your first global on that mob type. Character classes will influence the quantity of each mob that makes up your score, and the points you earn from globaling on those mobs. You can raise or lower your score to improve your rank.

    A Scip Fixer’s score is heavily weighted by Scipulor globals, while an Atrox Nomad’s score is heavily weighted by Atrox globals, Neconu Techie are "balanced", requiring you to kill all 3 mobs almost equally. Any class you choose is going to require you to hunt all 3 mobs

    General Strategy: Raise your score the first 28 days. As the event winds down during the last 7 days you may want to lower your rank to get a better prize. Some players may go after one of the prizes in the 10th or 15th ranked positions, as there will be less competition there. Other’s will take more risk and go after any of the 3 largest prizes, ranks 2nd, 3rd and 5th. Mining is meant to play a small role in the event, most bonus points and score composition comes from hunting the Core Mobs. This doesn’t mean you should completely forget about mining, but mining should not be your primary focus

    Ranking: Your ranking on the Leaderboard ties directly to your Score, the higher your score the higher your rank. Scores are made up of the best 20 globals on Core Mobs with a value between 50-399 PED. Bonus Points are applied on top of your score as a flat rate amount (see table below). The best 20 globals that make up your Score depend on the character class you choose (see character class image)

    There are two categories of Bonus Points, Standard Bonuses and “Gifts of Lootius”. These two bonuses "stack" making it possible to earn a HSL bonus and a Standard bonus for the same global, both conditions must be satisfied

    Gifts of Lootius (Active First 28 Days): Bonus points for HSL globals on Core Mobs that go right on top of your score (raising it). These are awarded on a Daily, Weekly, and Monthly basis (84 + 12 + 4 = 100 total Hunting HSL bonuses). A weekly HSL bonus is awarded to the Largest Ore Claim (resource type doesn’t matter only size) (4 total HSL Ore Claim bonuses). And one HSL bonus for the Largest Ore Claim of the month (1)

    Standard Bonuses (Active All 35 Days): Bonus points for globals greater than 399 PED on any of the 3 Core Mobs. These points go right on top of your score, raising your overall score. The higher the global value, the more Standard Bonus Points you earn. Small adjustments to raise your score can be made by getting a global of any size on a Gokibusagi (natural spawns found at Deino Island) (see table)

    Lowering Your Score (Active All 35 Days): Large adjustments to lower your score can be made by getting a global of any size on either a Razortooth or Calypsocod (both fish found in small ponds on Deino Island). Small adjustments to lower your score can be made by globaling any size on any type of Energy Matter. (see table)

    Theme & Final Strategy: The final 7 days of the event are known as "Judgment". This period represents the adjudication of Lootius over each Entropian, determining a soul's true value. During the last 7 days it will be more difficult to raise your score because the "Gifts of Lootius" period will have ended, however, all HSL Bonus Points earned up to this point will be yours to keep. It’s still possible to raise your score by improving your Core Mob globals, or by getting any of the Standard Bonuses. It’s also during these last 7 days that you’ll begin implementing different game plans to either raise or lower your score to get the prize you want

    Purpose: The rules have been carefully crafted to reward effort, strategic thought, luck, and fortitude. The best prizes are near the top, although the 15th place has an amazing reward too, so you're never out of the running for something truly great. The event was structured this way to discourage one uber person with unlimited time and uber gear from completely running away with the best prize. Those types of event can be discouraging, some players give up half-way through. The prize pool matches the purpose, the more you grind the bigger the prizes get, so you can get more out the more you put in. I hope this format keeps you engaged and on your toes all the way up until the very last minute!

    Prize Pool

    *Total Globals Counted for 10% increase are on Core Mobs (Atrox, Neconu, Scipulor)

    3 Participating Land Areas

    Character Classes

    Each character class offers a unique set of skills and a unique formula for calculating your placement score. Your first mob also counts towards your placement score

    Classes have been balanced. There's no definitive answer on what class you should choose to help you win, there's many paths to victory

    Raising or Lowering Your Score

    Standard Bonuses & Decrease Effects Table

    Think of this table above as a tool kit. You can raise or lower your score, with "blunt instruments" that raise or lower your score drastically, or use a "sharp instrument", and make micro adjustments up or down

    Registration (only needed to claim prize)
    Register by replying to this thread or PM'ing me in game if you don't have a PCF acct
    You can begin hunting right away -- everything is being tracked. register here to claim a prize

    1. All globals must be on my 3 participating Land Areas
    2. This is a solo hunting event only
    3. No teams allowed
    4. Anyone caught abusing the system or trying to cheat will be immediately disqualified and banned from participating in any of my events. Please report suspected cheating by PM'ing me on here or in game
    5. Prize payouts will take place July 12th, screenshots from the payout will be posted to this thread as proof of valid payment. Please report any suspected cheating or system abuse before the event payout period on July 12th by messaging me on here or in game
    6. If you notice any missing globals from your placement score or HSL Bonuses please contact me, allow up to twenty-four hours for your score correction
    7. Fappers & Healers are perfectly OK to use
    8. ALL YOG PETS ARE BANNED. Effective as of June 11th
    9. In the event winning scores are tied, prizes from those ranks will be added together and then equally split between those sharing the ranks

    Hunting: 4.49%
    Mining: 2.49%

    Promise of Integrity:
    I will not be competing in this event for any prizes. I want to first and foremost experience the event, so that I can work to improve upon the mechanics and balance of future Lootius Mayhems. I also thought it would genuinely be fun to make it possible for players to really interact with the game in a unique way. And, I wanted to create an event with a seriously kick ass prize pool that gets people excited to compete! Here's how I am going to be competing:

    1. I will create a poll, where the mob with the most votes chosen by you guys will select my character class for the event -- I'm happy to play any of the 3 classes
    2. * I am making myself ineligible for any prizes, I will push myself out of any winning rank several days before event end. The support for this event is mind blowing, and I'd feel awful if I took any prize away from anyone else, so you don't need to worry about me :P Not like I was much of a threat anyways haha

    Good Luck Everyone!
    As you head on your 35 day journey, maybe you'll capture a piece of Entropia's Soul...
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    Feb 2011
    Salt Lake City, USA
    Rachel MsPudding Hawkins
    Spawn Density For Event:

    OLA#39 Atrox Zone - High Spawn Density (Atrox Guardian+)
    OLA#50 Cold Place - High Spawn Density (Neconu Young)
    Deino Island - Medium Spawn Density (Scipulor Young)

    I cannot raise spawn density on Deino Island, but I don't think I would, because the Scipulor mob can be really freaking nasty and kill most players if they get even 2 or 3 of them hitting them (obviously not a big issue for the ubers :P but most players will struggle with 2-3 of these on them at once).

    Let me know how spawn density is on OLA#39 and OLA#50, as I can raise those furthers if need be. I just raised both OLA#39 and OLA#50 by about 15-20% spawn rate from what they were set to before

    Registered Players:

    -Saphire of Dark-
    Adi Biliwen Wen
    Affe Aframo Mr Afroman
    Akon TrusT Konvicted
    Agusia Misiaczek Tulaczek
    aka deathro executioner
    AI Opeyum Tr
    Alannon The Gray
    Alex BGG Leech
    Aleksiane Mrs-zap Greadon
    amanda Alissanos robinson
    Angel Shadow Heart
    Andrew agalvayne Galvayne
    Antonio Hermerson Aguiar
    apallo sincros neverweave
    Arckaf Arckag One
    Aristotle Razzar Riley
    Avalon Butterfly Erupter
    AxelRod Trample Gunnarson
    Ayrelia Relia Darkright
    anthony pepe pepe
    Baelrahyn Bael Riverwind
    Bahb happy Silunt
    Bare BareBones Bones
    backstabber twelve hit combo dropkick
    Blade of Slash
    Bob beechbum da'mon
    Bob c3rberu5 smith
    Boo Who You
    Bruce NickName Leeroy
    Brito Eduardo Cruz
    Caldonicus Fade Love
    Captain Jack Daniels
    Chantra TheProfit Moneymaker
    Christopher Meshfire Jones
    Christian Dker Simonsen
    Cheese Jay Smooth
    Conquistador Conq45 45
    Conquer Tuga Pimenta
    CrazyPecurkA LinuX LjuTaMasinA
    Crow Dacrow Moi
    Davin Trooper Felth
    David BigDog LaFata
    Deux Pelleman Ex
    demetra dea olimpia
    Dessa Dessa Dj
    Digital Clipper Fartz
    Diogo ToLeDo Toledo
    Drakken drakken dethstalker
    Dunfjall TheNaughtyViking Thorbrandsson
    dynamage voltage assasin
    eclair ran hinari
    Elizabeth Artemis Black
    Enviro Larry Lagoono
    Eternal JustFineAziz SkyPharoaoh
    Fanan Head Shot
    First 1ch3ls Lady
    Fire58 Crewso Patrick
    Flinter Raven Hex
    Forgorth Forgo Lundain
    foudre Roswel nulpart
    Gemini Gem Heart
    Gechka Gechka Gencinis
    Grale Gurra Pilsner
    Green Toker 1987
    Gredrrik Alhakekhist Malgar
    Gholes Nicholas Trebole
    Gun KimBoom Kim
    Henry BabyOxide Ha
    Helena Helena Fra
    Howard Nkil Lee
    Hunter Greyford Page
    ilbe dcinside master
    Inherent Marxus Legends
    Jabez JAG Groove
    Jack Wuzi Daniels
    Jack mansky Mansky
    James Jim O'Neill
    James Jimmy Stryker
    Jar Jasis Sismondi
    Jay VeNgeNcE Spitzel
    Je Jak Bam
    Jeppe lillfya falk
    Jim Mepparn Brownbean
    John chaoz Anderson
    Jojo Genlyk Jones
    Jordan Arkon Fultz
    Jungle Stalker Amazon
    Juizzy Skittles Chesterfield
    Juljka Saya Vukolova
    Kara RavenJade SummerWind
    Kael Dominator Slaughter
    Kayla Mystique Sinclair
    Kenpachi SilentCrow BlackFalcon
    Killarious K-Max Maximillion
    Kimmi Kimmi EFnet
    Kitty Kitty Fire
    Kerri Krazy Blaing
    knight david MRD
    Lady Mysteria Nevrqwit
    Leir'hy Leon Ension
    Levinstein Lev II
    Lemmy Rocker Dickinson
    lilith lilith DeRooze
    Linas Lingarr Garunkstis
    Linus Zip Lindström
    Lion of Europe
    Lize Lizelotte Sweden
    Loren Lorry Potter
    Lucky Sky Vodka
    Luke Szalu Ace
    Luri UncleMo Nightshade
    Madam Salto Mortale
    Madok Mad Weloi
    Mat browN Johnson
    Max Furiosa Carnator
    Maria Tsuande Magdalena
    malick mac malstrom
    Mateooo MrZ Beljan
    Mat MatKatt84 Katt
    Mel Demeter Ver
    Michael23 JK Park
    Michael Mike Duval
    Mike KingMike007 Hussey
    Monkey Lou-Cifer Lou
    MR armorer petter
    Mr kleb jr
    Nakor of Boreft
    New York Rose
    Nicci Kayly Starr
    Niklas Negolas Hedlund
    Nite Niteflite Flite
    Nuno pombinho Zezere
    Norian Norian Xx
    ObZen HevyDavy Stengah
    Oleg Oleg McMullery
    Ole-Andre Ole1234 Bratberg
    Omega Dan Prime
    orik eragon knurla
    Orpheus wildcuts Kurosawa
    Pablo ContainerConrad Francisco
    Perlea nashu daniel
    Penethol Junkman Bloodsteel
    pavel rozikp rozenbaum
    Pavol Svako Giertl
    Phenalon of Eternia
    Physical Graff Graffiti
    Prototype Hunter Legendary
    quin perv amorim
    Ragin RaginCajun Cajun
    Rhagnar Rhag Thormilium
    Ranyard Rany Ranyhyn
    Raven Lunchbox Palehorse
    Ray RayRay Rodriguez
    [Rebekah Beki Viera
    Ricardo Rick Sanchez
    Rocky Addz Harley
    rookie bluu 12
    ryu rorrito smith
    Ruori GreatSin Kenshin
    Samiel Ratt Darrenger
    Sandy VVEAPON Smith
    Sara Rellik Calypso
    Sebastian muzze cisp
    Scott DoctorH Joel
    shaman SYNshaman lotus
    Skirmantas Pioter Danius
    Slim NoBueno Pickens
    slupor slupor slupor
    Shadow Punisher Dark
    Smexy Virgo Nugget
    Star StarDrifter Drifter
    Steven Razor2k Smith
    Sub-Zero The Killer
    SonNang KingS09 Thach
    Sungam Sun Nosskire
    Supermats Turritopsis nutricula
    star stunkcuf child
    Prophet the Prophet from Planet Zen
    Temptress Hakalugi Ripper
    Teli Goodrich Fresh
    The Blue Thunder
    The Mean Machine
    Theone LaMoar GR
    Tjaz peps897 Zibert
    Toast Toast CHG
    Thomas TrixXz Beckers
    Tom TomMyers Wick
    Torene Tor Alaranth
    Tyr Wolf Fenris
    Troy Brooksy12 Brooks
    troy Brooksy12 Brooks
    Vandal VandalHand Hand
    Vasia Azagxal Zabrodniy
    Vi V3r0nyka BitFury
    vitor rotiv3tuga zezere
    Vladisla CheekyMonkey Bologan
    Wand AxeMurderer Silva
    Woedy woedy Gotcha
    Xavior Target Technosplurg
    Xendar Xen Xal
    Yoel SoldadoDeDios Szkilled
    Xarcx XarcX Seras
    xXx MrUnderCover xXx
    Zabadoodee Zab Xanthron
    Zero no Louise
    Zigzag zapper 007
    Zyloc Zyloc Mist
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    Feb 2011
    Salt Lake City, USA
    Rachel MsPudding Hawkins


    Change Log
    6/2: Stretch Goals Created (Goals that increase prize pool further)
    6/2: Atrox Maturities Bumped 5% - Eliminate 'Provider' maturity
    6/2: Neconu Spawn Density OLA#50 - Increased 7% (3+ people requested)
    6/2: Leaderboard extended from 100-150
    6/2: New Event channel created #entropiagold (JOIN US!!!)
    6/3: Full score calculations made public (warning not pretty on the eyes!)
    6/3: MsPudding is ineligible for any prize -- I will move myself out of any winning ranks by the event end
    6/4: Neconu Spawn Density OLA#50 - Increased 7% (5 people requested)
    6/4: Leaderboard extended from 150 to 200
    6/5: Neconu Spawn Density OLA#50 - Maxed 3 DNA
    6/5: Neconu Spawn Density OLA#39 - Increased 25%
    6/11: Yog pets are banned. Known glitch

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    Feb 2011
    Salt Lake City, USA
    Rachel MsPudding Hawkins
    Prize Pool
    Lootius Mayhem's Prize Pool is Dynamic. The total amount of globals contributed by everyone hunting on all 3 Land Areas is being tracked,

    As we reach new global totals, the prize pool grows for everyone as well! The more you put in, the more you can get out

    *Total Globals counts all globals from all hunters, from all 3 Land Areas on Core Mobs: Atrox, Neconu and Scipulor

    The community support and activity has been insane! You guys have blown this thing up way bigger than I ever expected.

    The daily global average is
    Utterly insane!

    Let's see what it would look like with all of the Prize Growth mechanics we have working

    Total PED Value in Prizes @ 6k Total Globals = 62,500 PED

    Total PED Value in Prizes @ 8k Total Globals = 84,750 PED

    Total PED Value in Prizes @ 10k Total Globals = 107,750 PED
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    Oct 2016
    Gender | Ingame
    Male | Male
    Bodegraven, Netherlands
    Nakor of Boreft
    Knights of Redemption
    Wow, Fantastically well thought out and quite complex event!
    Also very well executed with the video explaining it and the website with the leaderboard.

    I admire your event planning and commitment to the event!
    Hope it will get many participants and be a huge succes

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    Dec 2006
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    Inherent Marxus Legends
    Dirty Dingos
    Yeah I was gonna say the same thing as Nakor but he beat me to it, this is a very well designed event and I'm sure I will be participating!

    Shameless plug:

    Stab armor plates available at the Animal Armor shop for Scipulors!!


    Complete Armor Guide <--- Find out everything there is to know about Armor
    My Armor Shops at Twin Peaks mall, 2nd floor: Mayhem Armor Shop, Robot Armor Shop, Animal Armor Shop
    Rent an Armor set: Legends' Unlimited Armor Rentals

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    Feb 2010
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    Enviro Larry Lagoono
    Wow. Just, wow.

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    I would like to register

    Avatar name: Leir'hy Leon Ension

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    Mar 2012
    Gender | Ingame
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    United States
    Luri UncleMo Nightshade
    Natural Born Killers
    This will be awesome! Can't wait to see the website in action.

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    Awesome event type!

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