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    by Published on 10-29-2010 10:32
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    From November 9th, a major event will be ongoing at Planet Calypso, where your choices will be crucial, since the events ultimate ending is that it will allow the players to determine its outcome. So what will you do?

    In this limited time event, which will unfold in several stages, Calypso's colonists will face a new and evolved enemy invading the landscape of Calypso. Under direction from the military, colonists will have to recon, hunt and repel a technologically advanced new nemesis. Is this relentless foe only here to hunt humans, or is it a harbinger for something far worse?

    The Harbinger Event will feature new enemies to fight, a gripping storyline complete with new missions, a new environment, and an ending determined by the players. Colonists will be able to participate and find rare and valuable new items during the event. Those who take up the Harbinger challenge will also receive a special diploma from the Calypso Defense Forces documenting their part in the largest battle for survival ever seen on this planet.
    by Published on 10-21-2010 15:25   
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    This FrontPage needs to be filled with articles about in-game happening, interviews with players and societies, reports about unusual activities and all the things that makes Calypso a place where you want to be.

    So I’m looking for news-writers to help me on this mission!

    You don’t have to have a journalistic degree in real life, and it doesn’t have to be super fancy. What you do is simply write up an article, publish it on forum either via making a thread or in your blog –Send me the link via personal message, say you want it to be published on front-page and I’ll take a look at it. The article will of course be published under your name.

    Every news-item that makes the front page is awarded 100 PEDs!

    So spread the word, and get writing!
    by Published on 10-20-2010 11:46
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    We’re in need of new tutorials for our new forum, and who more natural to write these then players themselves.

    Clear and concise writing is the number one priority. Try to keep every tutorial within the limit of 1500 words. Plus points for including pictures and/or tutorial videos (upload to YouTube for easy forum embedding, send link in mail)

    Edit: I realize some of you have problems keeping to the 1500 maximum in especially the large professions such as Hunting, Mining and Manufacturing. I'll accept two documents where the second is <Profession>:Advanced. if you feel you need to explain further. Keep the first document to 1500 words still though.

    Send your entries to the following e-mail before November 1st to partake in the competition. Mark the mail with the name of the competition and the Tutorial.
    Example: Tutorial Competition: Beauty System. Remember to sign the mail with your full in-game name and forum name.

    For every chosen guide, the writer will be handed 1 (one) piece of Community Recognition Armor and a 6 (six) month Modified Forum Membership as thanks for their hard work.

    Guides needed:

    • Interface and Controls
    • Hunting
    • Mining
    • Manufacturing
    • Understanding the Economy (markup, economy of professions etc.)
    • Skills and Professions – How does it work?
    • Trading
    • MindForce
    • Beauty System
    • Customization (Coloring and Texturing)
    • Land Management
    • Event Creation
    • Missions
    • Vehicles
    • Etiquette and Reputation

    Should your tutorial entry be selected, you agree to grant First Planet Company a worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive right and license to use, copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, publicly display, modify, adapt, translate, archive, store, and create derivative works from such tutorial content, in any form, format, or medium, of any kind now known or later developed. Without limiting the generality of the previous sentence, you authorize First Planet Company to share the tutorial content across all websites affiliated with and, to include the tutorial content in a searchable format accessible by users of, and affiliated web sites, to place advertisements in close proximity to such tutorial content.
    by Published on 10-05-2010 13:11

    Port Atlantis have finally become a proper metropolis. With sleek skyscrapers, a fancy marina and plenty of places to just relax and enjoy the view, Port Atlantis may now very well be deserving of the title Capital of Calypso.

    In this Content Release you will find new missions easing out the threshold for newcomers leaving the Gateway and entering Calypso. Here you'll learn about mechanics, economics, social life and other concepts of living on Planet Calypso through missions and tutorials.

    Port Atlantis trade terminals now offers New Arrivals Equipment. Why not try them out on the Puny Mobs at the remade and atmospheric new Swamp Camp area!

    The release also brings a brand new vehicle with room for no less then 8 people. The Omegaton Pitbull is a beast of a machine with built-in ABC protection and great off-road capabilities.

    Of course there's also plenty of new missions to get your hands on!

    For FPC's full Content List 2010.5 click here

    For MindArk 11.3.3 Patch list click here
    by Published on 09-28-2010 13:40
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    MindArk's latest Version Update, released Tuesday 28th September, have brought with it vehicles capable of taking on other parts of Calypso's nature than what was available from before. Boats, VTOL's (Verticle Take Off and Landing) and Hovercrafts are now available for Calypso's colonists. No mountaintop is going to be unconquerable, no island too deserted. ...Well, to be fair, since we've had Oberon rummaging around out there nothing have really been unconquerable.

    And for one feature which have been requested for years, MindArk are now launching in-game voice chat. This is done in cooperation with Swedish telecommunication company Ericsson. For the future, MindArk have great plans for expanding this feature; 3D chats, and real world to virtual world communication.

    For those of you who are hooked on social networking, Entropia is finally becoming Facebook and Twitter integrated, so you can share your accomplishments. While we're on the subject of social networking; Entropia Universe have started their own twitter feed. And if you didn't know it already, Planet Calypso has its own official facebook page here.

    Despite all that jazz, it might be the little added feature of extra slots to the friends-list that does it for some of you. You now have room for 150 friends! And of course, the infamous "knock knock" is back. Phew!

    Read here for the full Version Update notes.

    That was MindArk's release, Ladies and Gentlemen! First Planet Company's Content Release is scheduled for next week if all goes well. This time we're introducing a new graphic standard to the Port Atlantis area. How about some boats in our new Marina?
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