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    by Published on 09-03-2014 10:01
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    Click on image above for the complete Final Eomon Migration comic

    Elvyn Vies, detained for several weeks for illegal collection of Eomon DNA samples, was found dead in his cell this morning. Simultaneously, the contraband DNA samples were stolen from a remote RDI storage facility. Four RDI and CDF employees were killed during the two assaults, which were captured by security cameras. Both men involved in these attacks are known associates of professor Charles Marvin. Elvyn Vies also appears to have been under Marvin’s influence before being arrested.

    Charles Marvin has been on the run ever since being declared a traitor to Calypso due to gross negligence during the Feffox crisis, leading to multiple deaths and large-scale destruction. His motivations for procuring these samples are currently unknown. However, the CDF is currently allocating additional resources to apprehend the men involved and recover the samples quickly.

    Further information about the fugitives cannot be released to the general public at this time. CDF believes that releasing the information may lead to a higher risk of violent confrontations between the suspects and colonists. Because of their apparent interest in Eomon DNA, we hope to apprehend these suspects as soon as possible. If this does not succeed, the CDF may consider releasing further information to ensure these criminals are brought to justice.
    Until then, be assured that CDF are doing all they possibly can to keep you safe.

    Brigadier General de Souza
    Major Ushakov

    RDI officials reports that Eomon pheromone levels have dropped considerably, indicating that the migration will end shortly after the weekend. Some pockets of Longtooth separated from the main herds can still be found in locations around Eudoria.

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    Imperial Zoological Scouts report high levels of unrest among Mulmun mutant species throughout Calypso. The cause of the mutant frenzy is currently uncertain, though some IZS xenobiologists are speculating off the record that it may be somehow related to recent increased robot activity on the planet.

    Colonists with militia duties are requested to report to the following locations to assist in protecting civilian settlements:

    • Port Atlantis - Mulmun Outcasts (LVL 14, Shared Loot)
    • Cape Corinth - Mulmun Outcasts-Bandits (LVL 14-17, Shared Loot)
    • Fort Ithaca - Mulmun Guards-Raiders (LVL 20-23)
    • Minopolis - Mulmun Berserkers-Hunters (LVL 25-30)
    • Chug's Hideout - Mulmun Hunters-Champions (LVL 30-35, Shared Loot)
    • Osere - Mulmun Champions-Clan Warlords (LVL 35-39, Shared Loot)
    • Boreas - Mulmun Clan Warlords-Elites (LVL 39-75)
    • Nymphtown - Mulmun Elites (LVL 75+)

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    Imperial Scout/Recon forces have located what appears to be a gigantic power plant beneath the Hadesheim Crater. Preliminary scans show relatively low radiation levels, indicating humans should be able to enter the tunnels without special equipment.

    The existence of such powerful robot technology on Calypso soil is clearly a major threat to human settlements and suggests a much more alarming robot presence than previously acknowledged. Because of this, the Federal Empire has sent a unit of Earth Shock Troopers to investigate, under the command of Sgt. Quintana.

    Quintana’s unit has established a link to the robot teleportation network, allowing access to this power core. At regular intervals, drives to enlist colonists in helping the EST obtain Data Storage Units from the power core will be held. Points will be awarded based on the number and quality of DSUs retrieved; colonists with the highest number of points will be rewarded appropriately by EST command for each recovery effort.

    The temporary Earth Shock Trooper base on Calypso, along with Sgt. Quintana’s office, is located in Minopolis. The first DSU recovery effort will begin on Friday, March 28.

    ~ EST Heavy Infantry Commander Shaeng Shun

    Event Dates
    Event Start: Friday, March 28, 1600 UTC
    Event End: Monday, March 31, 1600 UTC

    There are five instance levels to accommodate avatars of various profession levels. All of the instances are access by interacting with The Core teleporter inside the EST dropship in Minopolis, and then selecting the instance level you wish to enter.

    There are also reports of several powerful Warlock-class robot bosses inside The Core. Colonists are urged to be prepared for aggressive new offensive tactics from these augmented Warlocks.

    ***IMPORTANT*** Be sure to turn in any recovered Robot DSU Units to Sgt. Quintana in Minopolis before Monday, March 31, 2014 16:00:00! Any Robot DSU Units remaining after the event end time will not be included in your final event score.

    The colonists accumulating the highest number of points during the event period will be awarded the following rewards by Earth Shock Trooper command:

    • 1st Place - Omegaton Ranger Scope MK1
    • 2nd Place - Omegaton Laser Sight MK1
    • 3rd Place - Omegaton Igni L1000
    • 4th Place - Universal Ammo - 5000 PED
    • 5th Place - Universal Ammo - 3000 PED
    • 6th Place - Universal Ammo - 1500 PED
    • 7th Place - Calypso Land Deed
    • 8th Place - Calypso Land Deed
    • 9th Place - Neurobiotic Booster A10 10mg + Energy Booster x 2
    • 10th Place - Neurobiotic Booster A10 10mg + Energy Booster

    In addition, all colonists reaching the following DSU point totals will receive bonus rewards from EST Command (only the highest bonus reward is awarded per avatar):
    • 5000 - Neurobiotic Booster A10 10mg + Energy Booster x 5 + Autoloot Pill x 5
    • 1000 - Neurobiotic Booster A10 10mg + Energy Booster
    • 500 - Neurobiotic Booster A10 10mg

    Rules & Notes
    This event is intended for solo hunters. Any attempt at abusing team mechanics or any other Entropia Universe systems or features in order to gain an unfair advantage over other participants will be grounds for disqualification from the event, forfeiture of any prizes, and possible sanctions imposed on one’s Entropia Universe account.

    ***Important*** Do not abandon the mission! If you abandon the mission for any reason, either intentionally or accidentally, all points earned up to that point will be lost forever. Support cannot and will not restore points for abandoned missions, regardless of the situation.

    Happy Hunting!
    The Planet Calypso Dev Team

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