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    by Published on 04-16-2013 12:49
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    Jermaine Johansson: “We interrupt tonight’s broadcast of bla bla bla to bring you a shocking report on the developments at the CDF’s top-secret Egg Hatching Facility. CJ Weave joins us live from the scene. CJ?”

    CJ Weave: “Th-thanks Jermaine. I am here... in what I was told would be the site of a modern day miracle, but what is now the scene of a massacre. Bodies everywhere. CDF soldiers... Scientists... Reporters...

    The Egg hatched. The creature that emerged from the egg killed everyone in its path and escaped from the Hatching Facility. Xenobiologist Charles Marvin and Dr Wilson are missing, though their bodies were not found among the casualties.”

    Jermaine Johansson: “Could you describe the creature for our viewers?”

    CJ Weave: “I didn’t see it myself, but I heard it described as... uh... a Feffoid-like Atrox? Atroxoid Feffoid? Some of the surviving scientists were heard referring to the creature as the “Feffox”, but I’m not sure if there is a scientific basis for that or if it was just based on its peculiar appearance.”

    Jermaine Johansson: “Right. Thank you, CJ.

    One would imagine that a new, exotic creature would be a welcome sight for Calypso’s many hunters, but the situation is more dire than anyone could have expected.
    The Feffox are reproducing and spreading at an alarming rate. Already, four different Feffox nests have been discovered on Eudoria.

    The Governor has tasked the CDF with clearing out the Feffox nests and stopping the propagation of this dangerous new species. The Omegaton corporation was contracted to drill points of entry into the nests. CDF personnel were slaughtered to such an extent that the local revival systems briefly failed. Omegaton is happy to report that the new Omegaton Groundhog drill worked perfectly. “Omegaton - We build it, you use it.”

    ... What? I see. Alright.

    It appears that the studio has received a transmission from the... Imperial Zoological Scouts. Yes. The Imperial Zoological Scouts have a... plan to stop the spread of the Feffox, but it will require the help of Calypso’s hunters.

    Hunters who wish to volunteer for this mission should contact the IZS representative in Boreas. Due to the highly dangerous work involved, the IZS are offering some very valuable rewards in exchange for assistance in acquiring the samples required for their plan for the Feffox.

    Wow! If only I still had my trusty old Opalo. And all of my limbs. Oh well. Full details on the plan are coming up right away. Happy hunting, Calypsians!”

    Feffox Mayhem Event Details

    Four Feffox Nests have been located on the Eudoria continent, at the following locations:
    • Western Feffox Nest - 65905, 79456 (Low maturity)
    • Southern Feffox Nest - 74090, 67588 (Low-mid maturity)
    • Eastern Feffox Nest - 88283, 78559 (Mid-high maturity)
    • Northern Feffox Nest - 81269, 92576 (High maturity)

    In an effort to try to limit the reproduction rate of the dangerous new species, IZS scientists require biological samples from the Feffox nests, primarily in the form of reproductive sacs.

    A large number of such samples are required, and the following point reward system has been offered for those assisting in the retrieval of Feffox Sacs:
    • Rotten Feffox Sac (1 point)
    • Sickly Feffox Sac (5 points)
    • Damaged Feffox Sac (10 points)
    • Healthy Feffox Sac (20 points)
    • Mature Feffox Sac (50 points)
    • Fully Developed Feffox Sac (100 points)
    • Twin Feffox Sac (500 points)
    • Mutated Feffox Sac (1000 points)

    Recovered Feffox Sacs should be submitted to the IZS representative located at Boreas Outpost (74364 x 67360, Eudoria).

    Event Times
    Monday April 15, 16:00:00 UTC - Sunday April 28, 23:59:59.

    ***VERY IMPORTANT*** Be sure to turn in any recovered Feffox Sacs to the mission NPC before the event ends! Any Sacs remaining after the event end time will not be including in your final event score.

    Event Prizes
    • 1st Place - Chronicle Harness TEN Edition (M) + Modified Hedoc Mayhem
    • 2nd Place - Chronicle Arm Guards (F) TEN Edition + Improved Hedoc Mayhem
    • 3rd Place - Chronicle Shin Guards (M) TEN Edition + Adjusted Hedoc Mayhem
    • 4th Place - Chronicle Foot Guards (F) TEN Edition + CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk.II TEN Edition
    • 5th Place - MacMahon Vengeance + 2 x Calypso Land Deeds
    • 6th Place - DOA Slugstorm + Calypso Land Deed
    • 7th Place - Omegaton M83 Predator + Calypso Land Deed
    • 8th Place - Emik Enigma L4 + Calypso Land Deed
    • 9th Place - Arsonistic Chip III TEN Edition + Calypso Land Deed
    • 10th Place - CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk.II TEN Edition + Calypso Land Deed
    • 11th Place - Castorian Xeno-Dagger Scratcher + Armor Plating Mark. 10A TEN Edition
    • 12th Place - Genesis ArcSpark + Armor Plating Mark. 10A TEN Edition
    • 13th Place - Calypso Land Deed + Armor Plating Mark. 10A TEN Edition
    • 14th Place - CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk.I + Armor Plating Mark. 10A TEN Edition
    • 15th Place - Isis Project Zero-Three + Armor Plating Mark. 10A TEN Edition
    • 16th Place - Omegaton Igni L1000 + Armor Plating Mark. 10A TEN Edition
    • 17th Place - EWE LC-100 Frontier + Armor Plating Mark. 10A TEN Edition
    • 18th Place - Kilic Rex + Armor Plating Mark. 10A TEN Edition
    • 19th Place - CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk.II TEN Edition + Armor Plating Mark. 10A TEN Edition
    • 20th Place - Calypso Land Deed
    • 30th Place - Armor Plating Mark. 10A TEN Edition
    • 40th Place - Calypso Land Deed
    • 50th Place - CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk.II TEN Edition
    • 60th Place - 6 x Armor Plating Mark. 10A (L) TEN Edition
    • 70th Place - Paladin Harness (M) TEN Edition
    • 80th Place - Paladin Shin Guards (M) TEN Edition
    • 90th Place - Paladin Arm Guards (F) TEN Edition
    • 100th Place - Paladin Foot Guards (F) TEN Edition + CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk.I

    Rules & Notes
    Each participant is limited to a maximum of 40 hours in the Feffox Nest event instances. This 40 hour limit applies to combined time in any of the Feffox Nest instances, not each individual nest. Event participants must keep track of their time spent in the event instances, since the current instance system unfortunately does not track time spent across multiple login/instance sessions.

    This event is intended for solo hunters of all skill and gear levels. Any attempts at abusing team mechanics or any other Entropia Universe systems or features in order to gain an unfair advantage over other participants will be grounds for disqualification from the event, forfeiture of any prizes, and possible sanctions imposed on one’s Entropia Universe account.

    Do not abandon the mission! If you abandon the mission for any reason, either intentionally or accidentally, all points earned up to that point will be lost forever. Support cannot and will not restore points for abandoned missions, regardless of the situation.

    Happy Hunting!

    Discussion Thread
    by Published on 04-15-2013 12:04
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    Jermaine Johansson: “You’re watching Entropia Breaking News. I’m your host, Jermaine Johansson.
    Today’s top story: The Egg has been recovered and moved to a classified safe location. It is expected to hatch very soon.
    CJ Weave joins us from the classified location. CJ?”

    CJ Weave: “Thanks, Jermaine. I am at a heavily guarded CDF black site, where the Egg has just arrived from the scene of the battle with the RX units. I will, once again, be keeping you updated until the Egg has hatched.
    I am joined by Xenobiologist Charles Marvin’s assistant, Dr Wilson, and CDF Ground Forces Commander de Souza. Dr Wilson, what can you tell us? Is the Egg alright?”

    Dr Wilson: “The Egg has just been put into the new incubator that was built with the parts collected by colonists. All its vital signs are normal and it does not appear to have been tampered with. Tiny cracks are already starting to appear in the shell, and from what we can tell they were not caused by external trauma.”

    CJ Weave: “So when can we expect it to hatch? What can we expect to come out of the Egg?”

    Dr Wilson: “It could be days, or just hours. Any time now. Whatever comes out, the Egg hatching will be the dawn of a new era on Calypso, Dr. Marvin assures us.”

    CJ Weave: “General, as the person responsible for the “rescue operation” of the Egg, this must be a thrilling moment for you. How does it feel to have played such a pivotal part in what will be “the dawn of a new era on Calypso?”

    Brigadier General de Souza: “Are you serious? Just hatch the damn thing so my men can stop babysitting and get back to fighting the invasion.”

    Dr Wilson: “Commander, you don’t understand-”

    Brigadier General de Souza: “No, doctor, YOU don’t underst-”

    Xenobiologist Charles Marvin: “I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY! General, the work done in here, by my team, outweighs all that you and your soldiers are doing out on the surface. The robots invaded to get the Egg. The RX violated the truce to get the Egg. There is only one way we can end this invasion - by hatching the Egg. And when it does, it will be absolutely marvellous.”

    Brigadier General de Souza: “By that logic, we might as well destroy the Egg and be done with it.”

    Charles Marvin: “Commander! Need I call the Governor again?”

    Brigadier General de Souza: “Listen, you-”

    CJ Weave: “Speaking of the RX, commander: some have voiced concerns that going after all RX because of the actions of a few is only going to open up a new conflict for no good reason.”

    Brigadier General de Souza: “If we see a robot, do we ask it if it personally has killed Calypsians before we destroy it? No. How is destroying an RX any different from destroying a robot?”

    CJ Weave: “What about those who say that these RX might not even be the same RX that have coexisted peacefully with us here on Calypso?”

    Brigadier General de Souza: “That is a lie. A dangerous rumour that you should not be perpetuating. Look - The RX have murdered CDF personnel. Stolen the property of Calypsians. Plotted with the robots against us. The events of the last few weeks show just how vulnerable we are to attacks from the RX. None of us will be safe until all RX on Calypso are dealt with - and they will be dealt with.”

    CJ Weave: “Very well. Thank you, commander.”

    Jermain Johansson: “...
    Hrm. Alright, thrilling stuff. We’re going to take a short break for some messages from our sponsor, the Chikara corporation - but be sure to stay tuned for the conclusion of this mystery several years in the making. You don’t want to miss this “dawn of a new era”.”

    Discussion Thread
    by Published on 04-10-2013 11:31
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    Jermaine Johansson: “You’re watching Entropia Breaking News. I’m your host, Jermaine Johansson.
    Today’s top story:
    RX units have once again been sighted by CDF scouts; this time, in Eudoria’s contaminated zone.
    CDF Ground Forces Commander Brigadier General Yevgeny de Souza released the following statement.”

    Voice of Brigadier General Yevgeny de Souza: “Over the last few days, CDF Scouts have reported regular sightings of RX units mining Pyrite rich areas of the contaminated zone in Eudoria.
    The Governor has issued another warrant. Any colonist who lands the killing strike or shot on an RX unit will be rewarded by the CDF. The following rewards will be handed out, depending on the type of RX unit destroyed:
    • RX Unit Bounty Rewards
    • RX Unit Alpha - Armor Plating Mark.10C TEN Edition + CalyTrek CR Spirit MK.III RX Edition (L) + Isis LC-35 RX Edition (L)
    • RX Unit Beta 242 Armor Plating Mark.10C TEN Edition (L) + CalyTrek CR Spirit MK.III RX Edition (L) + Isis LC-35 RX Edition (L)
    • RX Unit Beta - CalyTrek CR Spirit MK.III RX Edition (L) + Isis LC-35 RX Edition (L)

    Any resources that the RX carry on them may be looted, but be warned - the CDF will not venture into the contaminated zone. The contaminated zone is lawless, in practice. We will not be there to protect you.
    End transmission.”

    Jermaine Johansson: “EBN has received an anonymous tip that there is a newly built fort in the contaminated zone near Camp Echidna. The RX have been seen dropping off and picking up supplies there, and the pattern of their activity suggests they will be there again tomorrow (Wednesday) around 18:00 UTC.
    All brave bounty hunters are advised to be sure to stash their goods before entering this zone as it is inhabited by treacherous bandits.
    Stay tuned for more details.”

    Discussion Thread
    by Published on 04-04-2013 14:47
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    Jermaine Johansson: “You’re watching Entropia Breaking News. I’m your host, Jermaine Johansson.

    Today’s top story: Decrypting the Encrypted Spatial Units.

    Yesterday, CDF Ground Forces Commander Brigadier General de Souza joined us to ask the colony for help in finding robot spatial units, which would lead us to the whereabouts of the RX. Since then, several spatial units have been handed in to the CDF.

    Now, the CDF has issued a statement saying that they need our help to decipher the code in the spatial units. Time is of the essence, so every able-brained colonist is needed. The following data has been extracted from the found spatial units:


    1 1 0.2857 1 0.8571, 1 1.8 1 1 2.25


    RADIUS: 1152


    7 9 0 625 32, 8 64 64 16 3125

    (EFADB) + B, (GGCAD) + A


    Yikes. That’s more than this reporter can handle. Let’s hope that someone out there can figure it out. It’s about time we pay the RX a visit. Get cracking!”

    Discussion Thread
    by Published on 04-03-2013 14:52
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    Jermaine Johansson: “You’re watching Entropia Breaking News. I’m your host, Jermaine Johansson. Our regular program has been cancelled in order to bring you a statement from CDF Ground Forces Commander, Brigadier General Yevgeny de Souza. Commander?”

    Yevgeny de Souza: “CDF intelligence ops have, together with Calypso’s top experts on robots, developed a plan to find the RX and the Egg.
    The key lies in the spatial unit, a component of the robot brain.
    The spatial unit stores locations, and directions, as well as various protocols related to movement, such as patrol routes. We therefore believe that if the robots have a plan for where to take the Egg, we should be able to find clues in the spatial unit.”

    Jermaine: “How can our viewers help?”

    Yevgeny de Souza: “They can help by getting us the spatial units. Spatial units have been found on all known robot models, so destroy all the robots you can and loot their spatial units. Spatial units shall be handed in to CDF personnel. Any colonists who hands in a spatial unit will be rewarded with one pair of RX OpTac x1 Gloves.
    A CDF soldier will be stationed at Fort Troy to accept both spatial units and incubator parts, and hand out rewards.”

    Jermaine: “Thank you, commander. Anything you would like to add before you go?”

    Yevgeny de Souza: “Yes. Some incubator parts are still missing. Incubator parts have been recovered when mining, hunting and crafting. There appears to be no pattern in how they were found. Hand in incubator parts to Private Cooper to receive a reward.”

    Jermaine: “Commander, before you go: what can you tell us about the objects that are approaching Calypso? Are they like the others that hit Calypso last week?”

    Yevgeny de Souza: “What objects?”

    Jermaine: “Huge, spherical objects are approaching Calypso from space. They’re big, and they’re fast. We can actually see them with our naked eyes from here at Exodus Space Station. By my estimation they will reach Calypso tomorrow. Has the CDF not detected the objects?”

    Yevgeny de Souza: “...
    I’m needed elsewhere.
    End transmission.”

    Jermaine: “Commander? Huh. Interesting.
    Well, folks, all I can say is that this reporter certainly envies you who are planetside, who get to fight for our homeworld - and have a chance to get your hands on some of that sweet-looking RX armor!
    Happy hunting. Tell ‘em Jermaine sent ya!”

    Encrypted Spatial Units Rewards
    Encrypted Spatial Unit Alpha - RX OpTac x1 Gloves (M) or (F)
    Encrypted Spatial Unit Beta - RX OpTac x1 Gloves (M) or (F)
    Encrypted Spatial Unit Omega - RX OpTac x1 Gloves (M) or (F)
    Hand in Encrypted Spatial Units and/or incubator parts to Private Cooper at Fort Troy (coordinates: 80534,68309) to receive your reward.

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