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    by Published on 11-01-2010 13:12
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    Robot War Log Entry #1
    Personal Log: John Stave Petty
    Ser Nr:
    Rank: Captain
    Unit: 1st Bat. Calypso Desert Rangers

    Location: Fort Fury CDR HQ

    Hello Calypso, this is Stave Petty reporting from Fort Fury, as you may know I've been following the robot war some and I know quite a bit of whats happening here. That being said I have received some intelligence from EBN and a source of mine that wishes to stay anon.

    As you may or may not know, recently the robots have been experimenting with organic computing in order to evolve and become smarter and invincible, and indeed have carried out a number of tests, i believe those what those tests started are far from over. As we know, new flying robots have began to attack Billys Spaceship Afterworld and a popular party spot down on a island near Port Atlantis.

    As well as this the mysterious RX units continue to lurk around, with their somewhat friendly approach towards us. One has also actually began reporting on this very site during her investigation into the way humans think.

    As we know CDF lay claim that they are indeed still our enemies and thus it would be treason to work with them, but there appears to be some kind of cover up going here. As we all know, they were originally manufactured by the Exodus space station as soldiers to fight the great war. How they went from that, to enemies we still don't know. Perhaps we will get answers soon.

    Well things are about to escalate, my sources tell me something is coming on the 9th of November, what i believe to be the result of the hydra tests. My source that wishes to stay anon has told me he has evidence suggesting our beloved ex capitol Hadesheim is going to play a part in all of this.

    The source of mine that wishes to stay anon sent me a report, and in their report they included this rather interesting photograph:

    The intelligence they provided suggests the robots that currently are active inside the crater are excavating the Hadesheim ruins, or something of that manner, which will result in the titan of war that crashed and that is left of Hadesheim to rise from the ashes in some form. How legitimate this intelligence is i am unsure at this time, but I'm sure we will find out very soon.

    If this indeed is the case, perhaps they are trying to secure a robot outpost on Calypso, a foothold, they've always been very interested in that area.

    That being said whatever happening, whatever is being planned, we cant afford the kind of screw up we had during the Hydra tests. Yes they are going to try to outsmart us, yes they will play tricks on us to try and beat us. But we need to remember who we are, what side were on. We created this menace, some virus caused them to turn evil, and its now our responsibility as mankind to stop it.

    stay tuned for any updates during this hard time,
    We shall see what is to come
    - Stave out
    by Published on 10-29-2010 11:06
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    Exodus space station (EBN News): A new kind of flying robot has been sighted near Billy’s Spacehip Afterworld, according to live witness reports on a radio show. The radio broadcast also indicates that there has been an attack on Port Atlantis, but this is as of this moment unconfirmed.

    EBN has not yet been able to get confirmation from Calypso Defense Forces.
    by Published on 10-29-2010 10:32
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    From November 9th, a major event will be ongoing at Planet Calypso, where your choices will be crucial, since the events ultimate ending is that it will allow the players to determine its outcome. So what will you do?

    In this limited time event, which will unfold in several stages, Calypso's colonists will face a new and evolved enemy invading the landscape of Calypso. Under direction from the military, colonists will have to recon, hunt and repel a technologically advanced new nemesis. Is this relentless foe only here to hunt humans, or is it a harbinger for something far worse?

    The Harbinger Event will feature new enemies to fight, a gripping storyline complete with new missions, a new environment, and an ending determined by the players. Colonists will be able to participate and find rare and valuable new items during the event. Those who take up the Harbinger challenge will also receive a special diploma from the Calypso Defense Forces documenting their part in the largest battle for survival ever seen on this planet.
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