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    by Published on 03-22-2013 02:59
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    Jermaine Johansson: “We interrupt tonight’s recap of the invasion to bring you an update on the swarm of objects detected by CDF satellites last night.
    As if fighting an invasion wasn’t enough - it now appears that Calypso is being bombarded from space. Thankfully, not by the robots.
    CJ Weave is reporting live from the field.”

    CJ Weave: “Thanks, Jermaine. We are currently at the crash site of one the many meteorites that have struck Eudoria over the last few hours. Crashes have been felt or seen near Ashi, Minopolis and Cape Corinth.
    So far, no casualties have been reported, but the damage to infrastructure and property is calculated to be in the billions of PED.
    Imperial Zoological Scouts are currently moving in to investigate the meteorites... CDF obviously... hands full... invasion…”

    Jermaine: “CJ?”

    CJ Weave: “… going in... closer look, before... arrive...”

    Jermaine: “CJ, the feed is getting very unstable. Can you hear me?”

    CJ: “... solid black metal... glowing...”

    Jermaine: “CJ, you’re breaking up.”

    CJ: “… The meteorite...
    ... it’s MOVING! …”

    Jermaine the anchor: “CJ? CJ..? Well, folks, it appears we have... once again... lost the feed.
    Our technicians are hard at work trying to get the feed back up as soon as possible.
    While we wait, I would like to remind our viewers that Exodus Space Station is not a refugee camp. Any vessel entering our protected zone may be fired upon. Thank you.”

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    by Published on 03-16-2013 14:38
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    Jermaine: “We interrupt tonight’s broadcast of “RX - Enemy among us?” to bring you a special report from our reporter in the field. CJ?”

    CJ : “Thanks, Jermaine.

    Calypso is under attack.

    I am reporting to you live from Fort Ithaca, where a CDF heavy tank company under command of Captain Lena Belmont is currently making last preparations before joining the frontline.

    Captain Belmont, what is happening?"

    Captain Belmont: “ You said it: Calypso is under attack. My company is just about to move out to help lift the siege on Athena.”

    CJ: “What can you tell our viewers?”

    Captain Belmont: ”If you can help, then come help - if you can’t, then stay out of our way.
    Attacks have so far been reported at Nymphtown, Minopolis, Port Atlantis and Athena Spaceport. Robots, of course. But we’re ready for them. This is what the CDF was made for. This is what we live, and die for.

    Hold on, I’m receiving a transmission.

    Okay, listen up, boys and girls; plans have changed. Man the turrets and get in your tanks, they’re coming our way!”


    Jermaine: “Well, folks, there you have it. Calypso is under attack. But don’t worry: yours truly will keep you updated with the invasion from my secure location here in Exodus Space Station. Stay tuned for the latest official casualty reports!

    For EBN, I’m your host, Jermaine Johansson.”

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    by Published on 03-13-2013 10:19
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    Interview with CDF Ground Forces Commander at Treasure Island Castle

    Jermaine the Anchorman: “You’re watching Entropia Breaking News. I’m your host, Jermaine Johansson.

    A robot attack on Treasure Island, just days after Xenobiologist Charles Marvin announced the plan to hatch the Egg. We go immediately to Treasure Island Castle, where our reporter CJ Weave is joined by CDF Ground Forces Commander Yevgeny de Souza and Xenobiologist Charles Marvin.”

    CJ Weave: “Thanks, Jermaine. Commander, a robot attack on Calypso soil, and the CDF was nowhere to be seen. What went wrong?”

    Brigadier General Yevgeny de Souza: “First of all, we would like to thank the colonists who risked life and limb to repel the attack. That being said, it was simply the case of many small unfortunate events accumulating, resulting in the CDF arriving after the fighting was over. The CDF will review its protocols to make sure that nothing like this ever happens again. We don’t yet know why the robots attacked Treasure Island, of all places, but-

    Xenobiologist Charles Marvin: “May I interject, commander? Thank you. It is painfully obvious that the robots want to destroy the Egg! How can you not see that? The Egg must be even more important than we originally thought. Commander, you MUST help us move the Egg to a safer location on Eudoria.”

    Yevgeny de Souza: “That won’t be necessary, professor. Like I said: we don’t yet know why the robots attacked Treasure Island Castle. CDF operatives are investigating this as we speak. In the meantime, significant CDF assets will be relocated so as to ensure a quicker response to any future attacks on Treasure Island, or any other part of Ameth... era... Hey, what the hell is going on over there?!”

    CDF soldier 1: “Let go of me! You don’t know what you’re doing! Listen to me, THE RX TOLD-”

    CDF soldier 2: “Sir! We found Private Duplantier wiring explosives to the Egg incubator. He kept babbling about the RX units and some new weapon that the robots-”

    Yevgeny de Souza: “Shut your mouth, corporal. You, cut the feed. NOW!”

    Jermaine: ”CJ?

    It appears that we have, once again, lost the feed from Treasure Island Castle.


    Enjoy these messages from our sponsor, the Omegaton corporation.”

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    by Published on 03-07-2013 14:38
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    Jermaine the Anchorman: “You’re watching Entropia Breaking News. I’m your host, Jermaine Johansson.

    Today’s top story: A major announcement coming out of Treasure Island.

    We go now to our reporter, CJ Weave, who is reporting live from Treasure Island Castle. CJ?”

    CJ Weave: “Thanks, Jermaine.

    'Aaaah, The Egg...' A standing joke among Calypsians, ever since entrepreneur-colonist Zachurm “Deathifier” Emegen bought the petrified ovum for a fantastical amount of PED. Now, scientists say, we might finally get to hear the punchline.

    The Egg will hatch - if everything goes as planned, that is.

    We are joined now by renowned Xenobiologist Charles Marvin, who is leading the project to hatch the Egg.

    Charles, how exactly do you plan on hatching the Egg?”

    Xenobiologist Charles Marvin: “It’s simple, really. The Egg was extracted from the carcass of the Atrox Queen - it was never brought to term. We intend to ‘tell’ the Egg that it’s time to hatch, by subjecting it to a cocktail of hormones... Atrox and otherwise.”

    CJ Weave: “What exactly do you hope to accomplish by hatching the Egg?”

    Xenobiologist Charles Marvin: “Knowledge. The Egg is a xenobiological anomaly. It will remain a missing link in our understanding of this world we call Calypso until it hatches.

    And who knows what we could learn from whatever hides within the egg?”

    CJ Weave: “Charles, it’s an Atrox Queen egg; would it not be safe to assume that it contains an atrox?”

    Xenobiologist Charles Marvin: “Well... Uhm... Good point. Hmm... It’s actually a green Atrox Queen egg, so...”

    CJ Weave: “Thank you, professor. For EBN News, I’m CJ Weave. Back to you at the station.”

    Jermaine: “Well, there you have it, folks. A new chapter in Calypso’s history, or the world’s most expensive omelet? I personally can’t wait to find out. Stay tuned.”

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    by Published on 04-20-2012 19:32
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    Brig. General Yevgeny de Souza, Commander of CDF Ground Forces,hereby alerts all colonists that recent reports of disruptions to the teleporter network have been confirmed by CDF military engineers. The circumstances leading to the disruptions appear identical to those associated with hostile robot infiltrations experienced on Calypso in the past. Higher than usual robot activity in recent weeks also supports this indication.

    The initial breach appears to have taken place at the Ashi teleporter, where local CDF and colonist militia forces have been battling Steel Bird aerial robots for the past fortnight. Hundreds of robots are now pouring through the compromised teleporter and decimating colonist settlements in the region. The CDF urgently requests that all active members of the colonial militia report immediately to Ashi and assist in containing the situation. All other civilians are strongly encouraged to evacuate the area until the robot threat has been defeated.

    One theory being investigated by CDF Intelligence is that the robot reconnaissance forces were somehow assisted in this infiltration by the mysterious insurgents known as the Wastelanders. Colonist militia forces are authorised to use any force necessary to apprehend or eliminate any Wastelander traitors encountered.

    In hopes of preventing future infiltrations, CDF robotologists are particularly interested in obtaining robot technology for analysis, and are offering valuable rewards to colonists who can recover any of the following components from neutralised robots:

    • Exceptional Robot Optical Lens
    • Exceptional Robot Hypercharger
    • Exceptional Robot Contraction Unit
    • Rare Robot Secret Transmitter
    • Robot Power Transformer
    • Robot Speech Emulation Unit
    • Robot Nanomodulator
    • Robot Dynocyclic Relay
    • Robot Magnetomic Throttle

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