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    2016 So Far!

    Greetings Entropians!

    The MindArk team has been hard at work on the upcoming Version Update 15.10, and we’d like to take this opportunity to share some previews of the VU, as well as review some of the progress made so far in 2016.

    Earlier this year we implemented a new Dynamic Event System, which has been used to create some very exciting Robot Invasion events on Planet Calypso. The Calypso team will be releasing an additional Robot Invasion dynamic event suitable for lower level avatars in the upcoming release.

    MindArk will continue to expand and improve this system based on data and feedback from the Calypso implementations, and provide increasingly powerful and flexible tools for our content producers and Planet Partners to create engaging dynamic and storyline driven events in the future.

    One of the exciting new features that will be implemented in VU 15.10 is an expansion to the Housing system that will enable production of resources from CLD Plot estates. The first type of production to be implemented will be Gardening, allowing CLD Plot estate holders to grow various plants that will be used in the construction of new components for crafting.

    Entropia Pocket, the new smartphone app featuring a two-step authentication code generator to complement the existing Gold Card security system, is currently in soft launch and is scheduled for full release in the fall.

    ComPet (, is currently in open beta and the ComPet development team continues to integrate feedback and improvements in preparation for the full ComPet launch.

    Finally, our marketing team would like to share some promising statistics from MindArk’s intense marketing efforts over the past year:

    • the number of active participants has grown by more than 51% over the past 12 months.
    • in-game revenue has grown 10% year-on-year for the first 2 quarters of 2016.

    All of us at MindArk would like to thank you for your dedication to Entropia Universe and for helping to make the first half of 2016 so exciting. We look forward to continuing to improve the Entropia Universe platform in the second half of 2016, as well as presenting a wide range of exciting events and content for all of our participants to enjoy!

    Best regards,
    Klas Moreau
    CEO MindArk PE AB

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    MindArk is very excited to announce that Virtual Tycoon, the very first Entropia Universe mobile application, has been released on the Google Play app store today.

    Virtual Tycoon gives players full access to the Construction system, the Auction system, Storage, Accounting, Avatar Skills and Professions, and Hall of Fame information.

    No need to worry about missing a critical auction anymore! Virtual Tycoon allows you to stay in touch with Entropia Universe around the clock, even when you can’t be at your computer. Push notifications are sent to your mobile device to keep you updated on all your active auctions, and alerts you when you have been outbid.

    Crafting has never been easier, now that you can access Entropia Universe anytime from anywhere and craft while on the go. This amazing overview includes all blueprints, and even has a helpful sorting functionality to assist players in finding the blueprints most suitable to craft at the moment.

    Virtual Tycoon also offers full access to your personal storage and detailed information on all of your items, so colonists always know what they have to sell and what they need. Items can easily be put up on auction or sold to the Trade Terminal.

    "We are in a world where people are constantly on the go and they always have mobile devices with them," said David Simmonds, CEO of MindArk. “Since Entropia Universe is non-stop as well, players need access to their characters and accounts whenever and wherever. In short, this is the first step in making the Entropia Universe experience available when away from the computer.”

    To download Virtual Tycoon directly, visit the Google Play App store on your Android mobile device at

    The Apple iOS version of Virtual Tycoon will also be released very soon, stay tuned!

    Discussion Thread: Entropia Universe Android App Released
    by Published on 11-03-2012 22:55  Number of Views: 3704 
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    Due to the enormous demand for the Calypso Land Deeds that MindArk has been offering for 1150 PED over the past several days, many participants have found it difficult to obtain Deeds through the global auction. To improve this situation and give as many participants as possible the chance to acquire at least one Calypso Land Deed, MindArk has decided to reserve 1000 of the available CLDs for sale exclusively via direct player-to-player trade with an official MindArk avatar.

    • James Bowerbird Estatebroker will be online in Twin Peaks on Planet Calypso starting at 1600 UTC (1700 CET; 11:00 am EST) on Sunday, November 4, and again at 0400 UTC (0500 CET; 11:00 pm EST) on Monday, November 5.
    • Five hundred (500) deeds will be available for each session.
    • Each avatar will be allowed to buy a maximum of two (2) Calypso Land Deeds via direct P2P trade, at the price of 1150 PED each. First come, first served.
    • Deeds purchased via the global auction will of course not count toward this limit.
    • Please have patience and common courtesy when initiating trade requests with James Bowerbird Estatebroker.
    • Any participants found attempting to purchase more than the permitted two (2) Calypso Land Deeds or to otherwise disrupt or abuse this offer will be subject to sanctions against their Entropia Universe account, including possible account bans. Any CLDs acquired in such a manner will be subject to transaction reversal.
    • Additional Calypso Land Deeds of the remaining 5000 not reserved for direct P2P trade will continue to be offered on the Entropia Universe global auction over the weekend and into next week.

    Have a great weekend, and thanks for supporting Entropia Universe!
    Published on 02-01-2012 14:19
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    Fellow Entropians,

    After an eventful and challenging 2011, Entropia Universe enters the new year with solid plans for growth and the opportunity to dramatically improve the user experience for current and future participants. Before detailing some of our upcoming development plans for the new year, let me first take a few moments to summarize the progress that was made in 2011.

    Entropia Universe participants enjoyed many improvements and additions in 2011. One of the most anticipated of these was the launch in May of Entropia’s fourth planet, Planet Arkadia. Throughout the year, the existing planets of Calypso, ROCKTropia and Next Island received numerous content updates and patches to expand and improve the overall user experience and fun-factor.

    On the platform side of things, work continued in 2011 on reimplementing some of the older game systems into the CryEngine2 environment, such as make-up and robot beacons. Several exciting new game systems were also developed and released, including an impressive achievements system, space travel and combat, fort PvP events, and wave spawn logic for boss-level creatures.

    By far one of the most exciting events of 2011 was the announcement late in the year of Calypso Land Deeds, which allow avatars to become citizens of Planet Calypso and receive a share of the Planet Partner Gross Revenue. In addition, each of the 60,000 land deeds will provide the holder with voting rights in a new Political system scheduled for development later this year, which will allow avatars to have a direct influence on the future development of Calypso. Probably due to the high rate of return received since they were released (currently over 28% ROI), Calypso Land Deeds are being snapped up incredibly quickly on the Entropia Universe global auction, with less than half of the original offering of 60,000 deeds remaining.

    While much was accomplished during the last year, 2012 offers even more opportunities and promises to be even brighter for Entropia Universe in terms of number of participants, active Planet Partners and the continued development of rich new game systems. MindArk is very much looking forward to welcoming two exciting new planets into the universe in 2012: the sci-fi themed Planet Cyrene, and the Arabian themed Planet Toulan.

    To accomodate the increasing number of planets within Entropia Universe and to encourage the growth of local planetary economies, one area that will receive special attention in the coming months is space travel and interplanetary trade. Resources and materials will be rebalanced among the planets in order to enable each planet to develop a thriving and healthy local economy, while at the same time creating opportunities for participants to engage in commerce across multiple planets.

    One of the main priorities for MindArk and its Planet Partners in 2012 will be improving the experience for new participants. Our development team is already hard at work redesigning the Genesis new arrivals area, with a focus on making it easier for new participants to become familiar with the user interface and Entropia Universe game concepts. Another priority during 2012 will be improving the balance and performance of existing game systems, along with finalizing the reintroduction of prior game systems disabled after the CryEngine2 conversion.

    MindArk’s plan for maximising the potential of Entropia Universe in 2012 focuses on two key areas:

    1. Upgrade existing game systems to provide an enjoyable and rewarding user experience.
    2. Develop innovative and reliable new game systems to enable our Planet Partners to deliver engaging and immersive content for Entropia Universe participants.

    As these planned improvements and developments are completed during 2012, MindArk will ramp up its efforts to promote Entropia Universe and expand the active user base.

    Finally, I would like to thank you for your participation in Entropia Universe. The most important ingredient for a successful virtual universe is a dedicated and enthusiastic community of participants. Without a doubt, Entropia Universe would not be the vibrant and unique experience it is today without your involvement.

    I hope that you share my excitement and outlook for the future of Entropia Universe. All of us at MindArk promise to do all we can to make 2012 the best year yet to be an Entropian!

    Warm Regards,

    Jan Welter Timkrans

    Chairman of the Board, MindArk PE AB
    Humble Creator of Entropia Universe

    Originally Posted Here
    by Published on 12-08-2010 10:40   
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    In Planet Calypso's 2010.7 update the point of focus is the Medusa's Head property, the new grand oppertunity at Planet Calypso. The area features eight Landareas with two DNA's of the very popular creatures Sumima and Scipulor, in addition to a number of indigeous species. In addition, there's two Iron Challenges, 24 shops, 24 apartments, a Hangar, landingpad, huntinglodges and a mansion for the proprietor to delegate.

    The auction for this estate will start at December 13th and continue on to January 3rd.

    For many though, it seems like FPC's decision to remove rent from all shops, apartments and banks on Planet Calypso, is the most welcomed change.

    Read the full Content Release Notes here.

    For further details about the Medusa Auction visit the Medusa Info Page.

    In addition to our release, MindArk have released some platform fixes, including some small, welcomed changes like indicators in the HUD showing if the Auto-Use Tool function is in use:

    Read the full Version Update Notes here.

    And, last but certainly not least, our neighbor-planet Next Island is launched today! Welcome to the Universe from Planet Calypso, we wish you well!
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