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    by Published on 02-16-2011 09:52   
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    Attention Colonists! Looking to impress your friends and enemies with the amazing feats and stats you’ve earned in game? Today, we are bringing an all-new update to Planet Calypso, launching the first batch of over 100 achievements that will allow you to boast about your accomplishments in various areas such as hunting, exploration, manufacturing, mining, completing storyline missions, and more.

    Friends and enemies in the surrounding areas will see each time you earn an achievement, highlighting which one was gained. These will also be recorded in the personal Achievements Interface for all to see and admire. Some of the achievements include: “Bad Hair” for visiting Fort Medusa, “Sunday Driver” for driving one kilometer in a land vehicle, and “Blessed” for completing the Mad Prophet mission chain, but be sure to check out the Achievements Interface to discover even more.

    Colonists, start achieving and bragging!

    And More...
    The FOMA Stadium has been built, a playground for your vehicles, hunting and events!
    New Iron Challenges are here for you to enjoy.
    Rent Reimbrusement is scheduled for Friday February 18th.

    Read the full Content Release notes here.

    MindArk's Version Update included a new payment provider, Neteller and the movement system have been tweaked, as well as other fixes.

    Read the full Version Update notes here.
    by Published on 09-28-2010 13:40
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    MindArk's latest Version Update, released Tuesday 28th September, have brought with it vehicles capable of taking on other parts of Calypso's nature than what was available from before. Boats, VTOL's (Verticle Take Off and Landing) and Hovercrafts are now available for Calypso's colonists. No mountaintop is going to be unconquerable, no island too deserted. ...Well, to be fair, since we've had Oberon rummaging around out there nothing have really been unconquerable.

    And for one feature which have been requested for years, MindArk are now launching in-game voice chat. This is done in cooperation with Swedish telecommunication company Ericsson. For the future, MindArk have great plans for expanding this feature; 3D chats, and real world to virtual world communication.

    For those of you who are hooked on social networking, Entropia is finally becoming Facebook and Twitter integrated, so you can share your accomplishments. While we're on the subject of social networking; Entropia Universe have started their own twitter feed. And if you didn't know it already, Planet Calypso has its own official facebook page here.

    Despite all that jazz, it might be the little added feature of extra slots to the friends-list that does it for some of you. You now have room for 150 friends! And of course, the infamous "knock knock" is back. Phew!

    Read here for the full Version Update notes.

    That was MindArk's release, Ladies and Gentlemen! First Planet Company's Content Release is scheduled for next week if all goes well. This time we're introducing a new graphic standard to the Port Atlantis area. How about some boats in our new Marina?

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