BladesofTalos Rental Service

B.u.m.p ! Been testing out the bicak blix, at tier 7 with damage enhancers, the melee trauma 6 and an imp ares, the blade does 82 actual dps. Genesis firefly with same combo does 102!

Blix can easily grind through aurlis, testing it out on spiders later today!
Happy to announce the addition of some Mindforce chips to the shop! Recently acquired a Tier 3.9 combustive attack Nanochip V and a Tier 1.5 Corrosive Attack Nanochip VII. These items along with a melee trauma 6 and dehera Immolation sword are now all listed with prices for rent!
Loughlin cutter 2 and melee trauma 4 back in stock. Bicak kek is currently out. Now offering a melee trauma amp 1 free rental with any melee rental, just need collateral!
Bicak kek has been returned and is now available for rent. Corossive 7 nanochip currently out.

Mayhem event coming up, great time to try the genesis firefly. At tier 7 with only the melee trauma 6, enhancers and an imp ares, you get 102 actual dps. With better reload speed from other rings and pills can definitelty achieve more dps.