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    A lot of sollomate opalos

    Selling 350 sollomate opalos

    Start bid TT+1 each (tt+350 total)

    Auction ends 2 days after start bid is met.

    Get your obsolete/ no longer attainable weapons here. A little higher dps and max at a lower level than any of the currently available UL weapons in the level 2-6 range that I know of.
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    bump. Some uses I could think of: event prizes, owning the opalo market, organizing the largest opalo hunt in EU history.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lethal View Post
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    ...organizing the largest opalo hunt in EU history.
    We sure had fine Opalo hunts in the past, thanks to George Skywalker and all those other players who helped.

    WoF Opalo Hunt for a HoF
    WoF Opalo Hunt 4 HoF II
    Opalo Hunt 4 HoF III

    However, why would anyone grab an Opalo nowadays...?

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    Same reasons they've always been used. Some people use it when they want to slow down their ped cycle, most people use it because it fills in a level/ dps gap for laser rifles that no other SIB UL weapons do, and it's not very expensive.

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    I have a distant memory of having trying to trade one but they werent tradable at the time

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    Bump, they're tradeable now. I'm not sure when they made them tradeable, but I think I remember something like that being the case around the time they took them out of the TT. Was a pretty long time ago though, so I can't remember.

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    Changed it to an auction because I have some hunting goals I need ped for.

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