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    News: Halloween Mayhem 2020 Results

    That issue is addressed in the announcement:
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    My personal DATA & European laws..

    I guess you missed the word "recently". That message was nearly 4 months ago... In any case, contact me via PM, as requested. :locked:
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    My personal DATA & European laws..

    You say you You have not sent me a single private message recently, so I find it a bit unfair to say that you "cannot get a reply". Please contact me via PM if you have any questions regarding the posted privacy policy.
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    Christmas Strongboxes on other planets

    Profanity in thread titles is not permitted; thread title edited.
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    Merry Mayhem 2020

    That was my mistake when editing the Bertha Bot post. Fixed now.
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    Halloween Mayhem 2020

    That was my error when manually creating the Bertha Bot thread. I have updated the opening post to match the info on the event page. Thanks for reporting!
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    FYI: AMA Format & Guidelines

    Members can submit one question thread in this AMA sub-forum before the submission deadline listed below. During the submission period, thread replies are disabled. Once the video responses are published, thread replies will be enabled so that discussions can be held by the community in...
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    Planet Calypso Content Release 2020.0.5

    ***MOD NOTE*** The following line has been edited to match the updated official VU notes:
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    Can't See Embedded Media in Posts

    It seems that only the posts of Naomi contain quotes of posts with embedded media added that do not appear in the original. Those posts with quotes also show that Naomi has edited those posts, perhaps to add the embed content. Very odd :unsure:
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    Selling: Rings, Rare Weapon and Rare Armours

    We have received multiple reports that the items listed in the opening post are listed on the in-game auction and that when members contact you about the items, you instruct them to bid on the auction. This is not allowed on PCF: :locked: Any further violations of this forum rule will result...
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    Time - AM and PM

    12PM is noon. To remember, just realize that PM stands for "post meridiem" which is Latin for "after the middle of the day" (not "middle of the night"). ;)
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    Time - AM and PM

    Except that over 50% of PCF members and visitors are from North America... Also, the vast majority of PCF members and visitors understand AM/PM, whereas a significant portion of North Americans (again, over 50% of the userbase) are quite unfamiliar with 24-hour timestamps. Thus, it makes sense...
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    Time - AM and PM

    Unfortunately, the time and date formats are a global setting for the whole forum. I will investigate add-ons to see if there is a way for members to select their preferred time/date format.
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    Edit Thread Title

    Changing the title of a thread does not break existing links. Such links include a unique thread ID in the URL which the forum uses to display the correct thread.
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    Is down?

    I have corrected the issue on the server (crashed database table). EntropiaWiki should be running smoothly again.