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    MA new majority shareholder

    Well, if Jan's not at the helm any more, maybe this is good news. Someone find Marco and get him in the mix!
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    How MindArk failed "Project Entropia"

    It was, indeed, awesome.
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    I see the cute little robots ruing around

    No robot is cute. Have you forgotten Hadesheim so soon? TERMINUS ROBOTICUS!
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    I see the cute little robots ruing around

    Have we forgotten Hadesheim so soon? TERMINUS ROBOTICUS!
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    They'll chase a Valkyrie Mk. 1 a looooong way when aggroed. LOL
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    Question: What is the current status of Entropia Investment Fund?

    Never call someone a scammer. Instead, write a creative letter to them on here thanking them for the educational opportunity. Isn't that right, Liga Best Silver, Society Leader of Best of the Best?
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    Selling: Angel Armor full set (M)

    Oh, contraire. Theft is theft, and in the case of that particular set, it really matters. Besides, anyone that lies about shooting their cousin in the If you're unfamiliar with the tale, there's a link in my sig.
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    Selling: Angel Armor full set (M)

    Hopefully, this isn't Noman's old set via Mudkicker.
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    Account Liquidation Auction

    Beats the crap outta a piece of Mudkicker or Sinofmen, I guess.
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    Crystal Palace shares, empty promises again?

    Ah, the voting booths...
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    Hub culture...

    To paraphrase Dave Bowman of the space craft Discovery, "Oh, my god. It's full of buzz words!"
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    Selling: Full Angel Male

    Not the fabled set of Noman's, I hope.
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    Buying: Monkeys in camouflage I, DeMuro Painting

    In part, because Mindark dropped support that allowed animation in picture frames and recorded digital video. Gone were the animated fish tanks clever users made, the fireplaces, and the New Oxford lectures. There may have been other issues, but we'll never know.
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    Dead ship flies

    Not all double downs are bad. Take the KFC implementation for example...
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    Made 50 Captain unlocked Max Karma :D

    Well deserved, Captain! Keep 'em flying!