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  • Ok, I have tried and have no idea how to send you ss without putting on this forum :(
    OMG, do I ever have the greatest ss to show you! Message ya later when I get home from work...
    i'll admit it was kind of tragic but i wont deny that i thought the guy deserved it.. has just about forgotten about it
    OMG ... that's hysterical. :laugh: That guy has a wicked sense about him, but I also know that he's quite graphically talented. Not sure I could talk Ed into the turret thingy, but perhaps there will be a suitable place on Cyrene for a command center that will work well. I have a feeling that you'll need a base of operations, so anything is possible, and perhaps there will be some good options available. :)
    Thank you for the Manticore history lesson, it's always nice to learn the evolution and structure of a well-organized society, and one that isn't just a name on a soc terminal. I'm still looking forward to your future universe activities. :)
    Thank you, and not to worry. I am a fan of your activities in the game, and I think Manticore is quite vital to future role-playing activities because you all do it so well under your leadership. You also have a wonderful way with words, so I'm a fan of your writing as well. I have a feeling that Manticore's distinction in this universe will be well documented. I wish you and the rest of the Manticore crew well, and much success. :)
    LOL I heard it daily since I grew up halfway between Tallahassee and Gainesville. No, there's not a whole lot in that particular stretch of north Florida. :)
    I don't know who this we *all* is but if the secrets are juicy I would love to meet them :p
    Thank you, much appreciated, AND ... you are always such a wealth of interesting information, and I like how certain discussions branch off into the oddest areas. :)
    And it’s all extremely logical, too, since females always have cold feet, and with Lolz Cats you definitely know, those wool socks not gonna last long... ;)
    Kitty, I loved them too! The sounds made Calypso feel more alive. I'd wish they'd bring them back, but since the voice thing is now in game, I dunno if we'll see them again. :(
    Don't say that about the voices!! Next you'll be saying it about the jukeboxes!! I need something from the old PE and the voices were ridiculously funny (ofc I am easily amused ) :)
    Once again, and with feeling:

    Calypto, please stop posting messages on my visitor page. I find it hilarious that you do this, yet hide your own. Further messages by you on my visitor page will be considered harassment and will be reported to the forum administration.
    Hi alpha just wanted to say sorry if i offended you. Can we start over..I talked with a few folks that say your not such a Jack##..Mabey i was wrong and want to reconcile if possible.
    LoL. Just trying to recreate the experience as closely as possible. ;) Nah... just couldn’t resist...
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