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  • Thank you for the words and support in my thread yesterday. To bad its locked now, but I will thank everyone personal. Hope I didn't miss to +rep anyone and I hope you the best :) / Peace, Afroman
    I think I have a very small chance to win the Mayhem, not sure. Cant chat a lot ingame for 6 days lol only shootalot .
    Have to log off , there was a mobtrain heading for me.
    lol yeh!! Blow up those landpaths lol hahaha woho! hurry back General Jack lol
    SG-1 calling General Jack , we need firepower to take down a wraith spider near Troy,
    can you make it 1800 MA time?
    SG-1 calling General Jack ,
    we need you for an offworld Mission
    on 7/8 , 18:00 MA time .
    General SimHammond is coming too
    We need backup ...
    I bid 5K Ancient, hay love the profile pic.

    I'll buy it now for 5K, i wont be going higher.....:wtg:

    Please dont say my name just now,

    lol, its not a pm, oh well, just not on the thread please. cheers (I'll amend this later)

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