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    Buying: Buying black coat

    Hey guys trying to buy a black coat anyone selling let me know....
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    Selling: Angel Full Set

    Selling Full Male Angel Set most pieces are tier 4 and 5 send me a pm if you are interested....
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    Need The Help My Fellow Entropians.

    Freind mine has just bought this place and needs some likes on Face Book so if u guys Can Help that would be GREAT.
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    Stand in Line

    Dam funny scissors u will go a long way in EU
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    Selling: Isis LR41

    I Bid 1 ped for the gun hope my offer will be considered.....:laugh:
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    Selling: Improved MK II tear 2.9 one month sale

    Buy a Clock Post u NOOB :lolup:
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    What keeps you in game?

    the people that make the fun
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    Question: Entropia Universe on Steam?

    When i read this i thought EU was steam powered for a Second thought that why it was so laggy all the time....:laugh:
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    Entropia Universe 12.5.1 Release Notes

    More Lag Less Loot for all :laugh:
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    New uber soc

    The New Uber Soc "" Da OUTLAWS"" from what i can see and got a scan of some there members they have high HP and all the TOYS.....keep ya eyes peeled.... O.O
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    Warning to Society recruiting.

    W2S was in top 10 when i was there......
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    FYI: Death - BlackAngels Edition: Land Managers!

    Black angels death edition dam that is the funniest crap i heard all day :laugh:.....
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    Calypso Rescue Team - Live Chat!

    Do you guys offer a roadside assistance for cars as i have a flat tire......:laugh::laugh::laugh:
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    Info: WoF 2011: Team Australia

    have gun will travel can i be on the main team this year Max M2S....
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    Situation Vacant: Hurrikane's Job.

    Get a Hair cut and get real the song says.....:laugh: