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    The greatest entropia video ever made - 2019

    HEY! Narfi! Aaaawww!! Thank you Narfi! :yay: Really really appreciate that man! I do miss creating those videos.
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    My new SITE

    Hello again!! Hello again EU community! :) I apologize cause It has been such a long long time since I've done anything new with - or - for Entropia Universe. I've been quite busy and haven't heard anything from anyone in the Universe. This new post (bump) was made to ensure that I still love...
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    My new SITE

    OH WOW! Thank you all for the awesome posts about my site!!!! :yay::yay: I went ahead and added what softwares I use to create the videos. I simply used a website template for my site since I'm not that good with Web design :)
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    My new SITE

    Hello everyone!! :yay: Here's my new web site where you could watch some of my Entropia Videos along with some real life videos I've created. Please stay tuned for more in the near future :yup: ENJOY!!! :cool:
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    Virtual World War is here!!

    Yeah, someone mentioned that same buzz in the other forum. I guess I wont be changing my name to NostraBAMus any time soon :silly2: :laugh::laugh:
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    Virtual World War is here!!

    Sweet! LOL! NICE!! Just saw the release notes. I predicted the Warp engine! :laugh: Check the video at 4:04. Look at the left of the screen a monitor is displaying "Charging Warp Engine" and then ND warps away. I don't remember seeing warp engines mentioned anywhere until this last VU so...
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    Virtual World War is here!!

    Thanks everyone! :yay: I'm glad a lot of you enjoyed the video. I put a lot of hours into it Thanks for the awesome words of encouragement as I will try and make a profession making real life videos e.g. advertisements and live events but will lean more towards entertainment like music videos...
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    Virtual World War is here!!

    Hello Entropia! :yay: I finished my newest video! Now to finish writing this thread :). I made the video using Jon "NEVERDIE" Jacobs' song "Virtual World War I". This video is a bit different than the others as I had to fly my butt over to California where I filmed NEVERDIE and the NDS crew...
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    FYI: I Made It! EU Style!

    Thanks everyone! Hey thanks for the great comments everyone! It was a bit tough finishing this video with school getting in the way and all.:laugh: :yay: You're welcomed DUDE! Good to hear non ROCKtropia players liked it as well! I made it to entertain all of the EU community.:yay: I must say...
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    FYI: I Made It! EU Style!

    Here is my latest video! If you haven't seen it? Then enjoy it, if you have? then enjoy it again!! Thanks to everyone on Entropia Universe for the help! A big thank you to the Rocktropians! Actually, I have something else I'll like to share with the EU community about what I've learned while...
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    Bambuco, where is he?

    I'm still here. Hey hello Cuilwen Yeah I'm still around just haven't had any time to make any EU videos since I've been REALLY REALLY busy with school and personal projects :) But I'm done with school for now :yay: Yes I'm sorry, I see now that I communicate with the EU community more with...
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    Happy Birthday Casay!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you had fun on your birthday! HECK! Hope youre still having fun right now! ;) :birthday::beerchug:
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    Pink's Pool Party Sept. 18, 2010 00:00 MA time

    Sweet!!! Awesome AgentPink!! I've been busy so haven't been in EU much BUT Ill be there for sure! :yay: and Ill be ready to PARTAY!! ;):dj::beerchug: Can't wait! Hope to see everyone there!
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    Let's record a YouTube response.

    Nice! LOL! Thats pretty good Mr. Bates! :laugh: I loved it! I just think its funny that Nickelback's "Rockstar" song was rewritten to fit Entropia Universe and not Kevin Rudolph's "Let It Rock" which was the song used for the BIG Entropia Video Contest 2009. Trust me, I see good lyrics based...