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    Monetization of EFD?

    What is the deal with trading EFD for items/PED? I thought it was only good for buying forum goodies, and so has no monitary instrinsic value. The only thing I can think of is that people are willing to pay real $$$ to increase their forum prestige? As far as the Growth Fund, since anyone can...
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    Gambling and econometrics

    As someone who has worked in the gaming industry, I can tell you that the core game elements are essentially skill-based gambling. Skill-based gambling is a subset (here I mean slot machines as that is my experience) where certain payouts may be influenced by the player (as in certain slot...
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    Loot Pool Gone Bad

    Looking at it from a design perspective, I think the entertainment value is the important thing to consider here. While play styles differ, I should think that any loot is more satisfying than none at all. Adjusting the curve slightly to put small loots at least on all creatures probably won't...
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    Where has all the trading gone?

    I know this is naive but why don't people just agree on a location for a trade hub? If you're at any TP you can get to PA for example with minimal effort. Although, still there are very few people at any of the prime locations during certain times.
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    Tool to Facilitate Private Trades

    [A] Time is also a factor, although I suspect not that big of a deal. The more interesting thing is experimenting with a double-sided marketplace as opposed to the auction style; momentum from both sides would make for an interesting result. It also puts smaller orders on par with larger orders...
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    Tool to Facilitate Private Trades

    I assume most of you are running full screen for obvious reasons. It's difficult to run an app with EU unless it's in window mode. I am considering an app which runs alongside the game window (window mode probably unless I find a solution; minimizing it in-game would be important here if...
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    Enough on the Auto-Use tool already

    From a sweating perspective, I still have to manage aim so I don't feel to guilty using it. It's more of a "save your finger" from clicking/typing every few seconds. Now, my issue with the implementation is this: while it appears to function in a similar way to if you activate the tool after...
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    Falling off the edge of the World

    Assuming the elevation of each square meter is stored in an array, it seems like an easy fix: all you have to do is set the elevation of the squares along that line equal to the average elevation of the adjacent squares (+/- 1 X). Not sure how the floating regions would be fixed though as I...
  9. Chasm - Bug?

    Chasm - Bug?

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    Falling off the edge of the World

    The coordinates: 26232, 36078, 220 I fall into a chasm where there is no terrain between X 26232 and X 26231. I fall to sea level (Z 98) into the water. There are plants and stuff on the walls. I follow this channel south (you can move north or south but it's only 1 unit wide) until about 34129...
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    Tool to Facilitate Private Trades

    If entropiabay is the most popular tool of this type then there may not be much demand for this. I like the site and it's totally appropriate for high value and unique items (bidding structure), but I'm focusing more on basic commidity item markets with high volumes and a high number of...
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    Tool to Facilitate Private Trades

    I should probably ask before I take the time to build the whole PHP/SQL architecture, but how many people would actually use this? Is there a desire for more market information than is provided in-game?
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    Tool to Facilitate Private Trades

    I am interested in constructing an online tool to make it easier for players to trade privately (I'm sure it's been attempted; if so, please provide a link so I can examine how it was stuctured). The following are some advantages it may have: (1) Slightly better prices as a result...
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    Chat Interface Really, Really, REALLY Stinks

    This is a problem with mode switching (I work on user interface stuff occasionally so I can see the problem). You want to play normally, quickly press a key to select chat, type and send your msg, and switch out of chat so you can respond to the environment. I am personally tired of relying on...
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    Buying: Force Nexus

    I need 400 Force Nexus and will pay 120% (total order 4.80 PED).