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  • well I am sorry to say he (De) never learned his lesson...unfortunately he was part of our soc when that happened to you. He left our soc...and until tonight he haven't surface with us. He PM someone in our soc and showed up for the falx hunt...we all knew his bad rap so the rules were very clear: we split HOFs and Globals. The 2nd or 3rd falx globaled - he got the loot the Isis LP65(L) w/TT value of 196 peds. We were very worried and rapidly talk about splitting the loot started. In the early conv. he left team and pretty much ran away with the loot. He wanted us to wait for it to be sold in auction. One of our soc mates offered to buy it from him at MV minus his share. To no wasn't until some threatening of reporting him to MA and posting all the screen shots in EF that he came back to his senses...he paid but any doubt of what kind of person he is, is gone from my mind and the minds of the soc mates...I am still very worried on to how many people he has and will keep doing this. This guy needs to be stopped, people need to be made aware of him.

    Please message me if you like - I understand what you went through
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