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  • we should create challenge rules maybe like this :
    No Team : every runner on hes own
    No PM for advice to other runner while challenging.only soc talk allowed
    who break the rules get disqualified for this run.
    i will maybe ask a friend if he want create a homepage for the soc, so we could stay all in contact without logon in to eu.
    we need soon all soc members with all eudoria tp ,we will maybe have to run a lot for taking noobs to all tp.i think that will be important.
    hum, well, i want wait if we can get that way ppl playing more,and better.i think,that will cost me a lot of money.but, well, i will c what happend.
    well,let me know pls what you think, if u agree, if u have other ideas,or whatever.if all that are too counfuse, pls ask me:)
    i will suggest , this time you could be the waiter ( even i could do it too ) , and reach the item to the winner at run ends, on the point to reach for runners.
    The runner that win , will be the waiter for the next run..and so far.
    all members can be tracer as soon as they want spent a item .
    no run if below 5 runners
    Example the quest could b like this :
    Start at swamp camp.
    Near that tp, the waiter:
    this tp of ancient culture sinked (?) for thausend of year.
    Some guides could tell you U got there first.
    mean : port atlantis tp , arrival. ( even too easy )
    or :
    start from Billys,
    a deserted starship show you the phoenix.
    mean: between billys and camp phoenix ,is a spacecraft there. here could be the waiter.
    Too Much ? too freaky? hum...duno...
    hi ,Bosco

    I though about soc challenges. thats my idea
    I Though about following :

    Tracer : Create a challenge,a route,quest and spend a item.

    Waiter : The winner of last run,that reach item to the winner (this way will everyone get a chance to win a run )

    Runner : All soc members except tracer and waiter

    tracer can be maybe waiter too, on a choosen place (2 quest run) give advice too runners to get to the waiter with the item.

    Tracer and waiter cannnot be runner too.only tracer and waiter know the destination

    I will be first time the " Tracer " create a route , a challenge for all soc members , will spent for the first run a Uniate Vase ( low tt , the winner can do what he / she want with it )
    i want wait for feedback for first run , before we start runs with item with more tt

    end part 1
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