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    Achievement: 5000 Sweat Gatherer

    Amazing job Mega Volt I knew you had your reasons to be sweating everytime I came by the circles! Now that you achieved it I hope to see you on the hunting/mining fields :yay:
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    Question: Road Crew Axe for Longblade skilling

    Thank you all for fast replies! I decided to follow your instructions and got myself 3x Falx and going to get 2-3 Laconian Swords. I looked at my stats and I still have 1/2 SIB on the S.I. Psy-Blade and as it seems to be the most eco I will probably max it out till I can use the better swords...
  3. Beginner LB compare

    Beginner LB compare

    Beginner longblade skilling weapon compared
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    Question: Road Crew Axe for Longblade skilling

    Hey, I have been thinking about starting to skill the Swordsman professions. I have been looking at stats on the weapons from Entropedia and have decided to get Road Crew Axe from Rocktropia which should be the best for me (0 or low skills in Longblades / Melee). But here is the thing that...
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    Blueprint books dont close correctly

    Noticed today that once you have opened a blueprint book once after logging in the Trade Terminal think its always open and gives the following error: [System]: Containers need to be closed before they can be traded. I haven't been crafting so I am not sure if this might be a problem elsewhere...
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    Entropia Universe 14.9 Release Notes

    Just wondering what will happen to all the crafters if people can turn into mobs anonymously and walk past turrets to pk people in non-pvp areas. If you add looting possibility to this then the crafters will be targetted by other players as they are sitting ducks with lots of lootable resources.