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    Battle Royale .... In Entropia.

    No... I probably am dead; I am certain I don't matter; I remember taking part; I think I have ensued a higher casualty rate than most up to now; I believe I have done such in a way that the revived will appreciate a new perspective;... ...and ALL before the dateline*! Unfortunately; and due...
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    Get A Gold Card Now!!

    And don't we all know why you are not rich? n00b! Like to try'big' game? ...even some Uber's are having dificulties with that one...and they are rich ;p
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    Get A Gold Card Now!!

    Got a word for this post... ... ...darn it; can't get my cat to say it :S So I will: Nice being a rich MF?
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    UK RL Meet November 2008

    If...and I say if I decide to come, I want it clear that I will hold everyone's car-keys*. *hotel keys and wallets are optional
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    Battle Royale .... In Entropia.

    I would like to state that I am totally trustworthy. I will die before I see a friend taken down. I will take previous actions and responses into consideration 'before' I call you 'friend'. I am capable of interacting with enemies. I will not automatically kill enemies over friends. I will...
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    Get A Gold Card Now!!

    Offs...everyone has a GC now :rolleyes: Error 72 has been an in-joke for years. Mine is the most abused GC in the history of the game that still works: Please stop bumping this thread... ...everyone who paid for theirs is annoyed enough...stop rubbing it in :(
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    Clarification about Entropia banking operations

    Oh, anyone who is still interested: MA officially apologised to me in a support and made it clear that their policy does not include personal transactions between friends. Other than the fact that it goes completely against the policy of a free business setup to restrict business operations to...
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    Achievement: Coolness

    Click to enlarge Yay...I'm cool :yay: Now maybe I can get a bit more healthy :D
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    credit crunch

    eyLrsu9YWo4 Been here worries :rolleyes:
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    Mostly tp...then heal...then nerveblast (which involves focus)...then focus. About 1k+ a week. Not pyro-wotsit 'cos the chip is too damn expensive. More MF chips needed: Shield-chip (armour type); scan-chip; camouflage-chip (radar-jammer type...that'd sell well...pvp-4 would be really dangerous).
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    real time coords/tine

    With off-switch and integrated into the HUD so it doesn't look like someone has scrawled all over the screen in pale-pink type. Position only tho...I got a watch ;P
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    UK RL Meet November 2008

    Consider this an urgent request for free beer...I demand free beer. At a pinch, I will accept free spirits (or if you are really posh, free wine). The hippie alliance of one has spoken... everything! ((for me :yay:))
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    Entropia Universe Cash Card Update

    Which upgrade?
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    Do You Remember This??

    ...and how about Josie and the Pussycats? Yp4FlSSMTf0 You really don't want to see what they got at #2 you'll scare away your troll