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    Release is Taking Longer than Expected [Updated]

    If my memory serves me well, they said in a recent interview on youtube that they had to improve communication even between their departments. So my educated guess is: their testing department works very well, their live department works very well, it`s just the testing manager never...
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    Yog Pet Buff Issue and other cyber crimes

    After all that has been said and done, one may think this issue should be a thing of the past. I would like to bring to attention some recent aspects related to the same issue and to some of the same people involved. I would also like to get community`s feedback and MA`s feedback regarding these...
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    M-Matrix amps not working

    Update: M-Matrix amps stop working only when weapon is un-equipped. Also, reattaching works only if you don`t un-equip the weapon. Now, I`m a melee hunter, I usually hunt medium / large mobs, I tag with a long range (L) weapon then take the majority of the HP with my UL melee weapon. So every...
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    M-Matrix amps not working

    Hi all, Today, while hunting for the first time after the new VU, I noticed M-Matrix amps sometimes stop working. They stop stealing HP, and they also stop decaying. I can confirm this at least for M-Matrix Delta and M-Matrix Alpha amps (maybe others too). Also, sometimes dettaching and...
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    Cannot Log in..?

    logged out at fury last evening, thismorning I`m trying for more than 6 hours, nothing yet :/
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    Full back and front nudity

    I`m not even sure this is a bug, but I`ll post it in the Bug Reports section for now. I`d also like to get an official MA statement regarding the issue. So: is full nudity accepted now? Should I ask my little girl to leave the room when I`m playing EU...
  7. Entropia 2020-07-18 19.34.46.jpg

    Entropia 2020-07-18 19.34.46.jpg

    full back nudity
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    Entropia 2020-07-18 19.30.03.jpg

    full front nudity
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    First avatar logged out forced by an PlanetPartener Official :)

    Since when making jokes and speaking the truth is considered toxicity, badgering, harassment, and consistent spreading of discord? Also, many players seem to disagree, actually cheating and exploiting has far more potent of a negative effect than a few jokes in a public chat... File support...
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    First avatar logged out forced by an PlanetPartener Official :)

    Reaaaaly?! If you look again, everything started with A JOKE!!! (saying the PP official would need a yog), which even caused the PP official to "lol". Then cheaters / exploiters/ friends of them started to bully him in order to make him shut up: "we are all (??) sick of it" - well, yes, but in...
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    Yog Pet Buff Issue

    Welll... What Jhereg said... Go read the whole thing again, make sure you understand, talk to some more experienced players, and only after that you should post... Otherwise you`re only embarrassing yourself (and your brother)...
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    Yog Pet Buff Issue

    My post from days ago (quoted above) is shorter (and more complete) than MA`s post... Lack of professionalism - admitted Greed, because exploiting made money for MA via rake - not admitted but obviously true They won`t do anything against exploiters other then resetting some scoreboards -...
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    Suggestion: Incentivize Reports of Exploits and Bugs

    I`ve said it before, MA didn`t do anything and will not do anything. They knew and allowed the exploiting because it was making money for them too (via rake). Heck, some determined exploiters could even take MA to Court: "we (the players) reported the exploit, you (MA) allowed it for so long...
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    Yog exploit: "smart" or "fraud"?

    The truth, which no one seems to speak directly, is: MA knew very well and accepted the situation, this is why no one is banned, not even temporarily, for investigation, the exploiters only got removed from scoreboards. MA didn`t do anything for simple reasons: they are greedy, and / or they...
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    Summer Mayhem 2020

    I`m with the people posting above on this issue. My previous post was deleted, reason: Off-topic, personal attacks I did not attack anyone, I only informed a participant ( ) in Entropia Universe that another participant is a...