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  • posts like "what a school you must have attended !!! " are not the kind of posts that should come from an MA official and businessman ...
    Grats on the permit. Not an easy achievement by any means. :)

    It is a shame to see that thread go so far off-track to involve FPC related business to the extent it has. Yet understandable as to why.

    I hope the whipping machine is set to high on the FPC team ! Don't let them slack off :laugh: ;)
    Thank you for the compliment on my mask designs!! I appreciate all you guys do, I love Calypso and you guys make it great! ;>
    WOHOOOOOO GZ MA on the Licence I am so happy for you guys, it is truly an awesome song and it suits your Future well according to the lyrics!

    Make it Happen MA I will defenately follow the journey with you guys.
    See ya in Vegas...

    thank you. maybe a second, more mature marketing strategy based on the ideas i presented in the "i love this game" thread would attract a high caliber of player. not to say getting the unwashed masses eager for the promise of quick cash is terrible, it just creates more churn that it should. these are just my thought :)
    David, you rock :D Please get more people on EF, its really cool to chat with MA employees-and EF is a great resource for MA with ideas and problems with the game that the majority of the community has. :) Hope to see you back soon!
    Frankenberry-NBK Legion
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