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    when was select target added???

    You goes to sweat area and start killed poor noob sweaters and get ofence of called you noob ??? You are f**kin noob ! :D
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    Info: Select Target and its Possibilities

    I found Cloud :eyecrazy::laugh:
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    Info: Select Target and its Possibilities

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    Help: Looking For an awesome Mentor

    Highly suggest you to not using DoA as mentor :)
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    Help: Problem creatiing adjusted parts

    Repair to full tt first :)
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    Close account mean banned?

    Whit two words you was so hurry to lock my month so didnt send 711 to decide just banned me and thats it . Also there was not even a clue that my account is closed by my request and not banned by you. Appreciated that you leave it to 711 this time ! He atleast dont have personal dislikes or...
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    What Floats your Musical Boat, At this Very Second :)

    Messi and Linzey take it all .. literally :laugh::laugh::laugh:
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    Close account mean banned?

    Hello Serica:bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown: and forum :bowdown: ! Well i ask her not long ago if she can deactivate my account or simply delete/close it . She agree ofcouse who wont ??:laugh::laugh: But what i get is big Banned under my name . I check other guys that asked for same and...
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    Dedicated mentor looking for disciples

    Keep the diging boy :laugh: You will be suprise of her storys :laugh::laugh:
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    Top seller of a year!

    I can confirm the what he say it is work :laugh: And for sure its bug not solved since 3 month or more i think ...and yes its same person scamed Kull. And yes all this thread will do is sold his wings :D
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    Question: How do I get rid of ComPet?

    Wow agree on 100 % :laugh:
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    Info: How many years it takes to get 100% invest from AUD´s back?

    No cure for you :D nothing will help :eek::eek::eek:
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    Server Downtime for Patch

    Entropy for life ! OWNED
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    Information on VU 15.8.5

    So only you and Das have problem . Thats happend when you talk whit Manique all day long...
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    Selling: Tier 8 ModMerc (aka MM)

    80k what ? Excuse me but do you accept dungs as payment ? I have 80k ready for you . Please PM when you can :)